Saturday, June 28, 2014

Psych Season One

Boy, oh, Boy! Finally, I finished my first American Drama··

Psych Season One (the show finished its final season, Season Eight, in March) : 16 episodes

Genres. Mystery Fun, "Supernatural Ability:I'm Psychic" , Comedy

Shawn Spencer... a present day man with extraordinary observation skills and has a near-photographic memory... all because of his dad's training; his old man is now a retired police officer but still gives in to some of Shawn' s requests.

Friday, June 27, 2014

In A Good Way

» In A Good Way
26 Episodes
Of course... all Taiwanese dramas have an opening.
This one's nice, at least. 

Kirsten Ren AS Lin Jia En
Lego Li AS Liu Chuan aka Liu Shan Feng
Jay Shih  AS Zheng Ren Wei
Smile Weng AS Bai Xue Fen 

Genres: School Life, Romance, Politics and Scandal, Friendship

God's Quiz 2

God's Quiz 2 : 16 episodes
Season Two of God's Quiz series
2011 OCN Genres: Medical Crime, Thriller Suspense, Mystery in a Mystery

So, the second season of God's Quiz.  The show is currently airing its fourth season
***Caution: Some spoilers ahead!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

God's Quiz .. Kdrama

...The main character is a surgeon, Dr. Han, who is transferred to the Department of Rare Diseases or something like that. Add a tough badass woman detective and you got a pretty compatible couple. 

Aired: 2010 OCN
First Season. 10 episodes-50 minutes each
Genres: Medical Crime, Comedy