About Those Tags

About Those Tags:

Anime - this type of animation originates from Japan

English Scripted - everybody speaks English, unless further noted

Features Homosexual Moments - there is a moment or so of homosexual interaction (conversations don't count, unless it's provocative)

Food + Food Porn - there are shots of food or montages solely featuring food items

Foreign (Original production not from Asia or North America) - probably from Southwest Asia/Middle East region or Africa; may be an animation or live-action series

Generally for Kids - rated E for everyone

Hentai - animation(s) that moderately to heavily displays sexual activity

Historical Fictitious Work - these pieces stand on past events and are nearly accurate or drawing circles; enter the presence of [likeable] non-existent characters, though..

Jdrama - Japanese scripted live-action series

Kdrama - Origin: [South] Korea, Korean scripted live-action series

Let's Learn Some Things! - mentions a handful of fun, educating facts

Manga - reading pictures with English, Japanese.. captions and dialogues

Medical - moderate to heavy use of [sometimes dispensable] medical terminology and procedures

Movie - discontinued

North American Animation - English, American 'toons (another tag reserved for Englandic cartoons)

OMG It's Incest - centered about an incestuous relationship

Sitcom - about 30 minutes airtime and intends to be funny

Special Genre: Yaoi  -anime with an MC who is involved in a homosexual relationship throughout a majority of the series

Special Genre: Yuri -anime with an MC who is involved in a homosexual relationship for most of the time

Tdrama - Taiwanese live-action production that usually has a peppy opening sequence

Wubs Dubs - i liked the dub version .. what gives?