Monday, March 24, 2014

My Mental Choices Are Interfering With My School Life Romantic Comedy

Genres: RomCom (mostly comedy), School Life, Popularity? Harem

10 Episodes 

About: Well, let's start off knowing that 

I loved the examples presented such as ramen!, Thomas Edison, etc..
So, Amakusa something, a highschool typical guy, has the curse of choice-making placed upon him (or maybe this just happens one day). God speaks to him and offers the cure: complete missions without fail-- but these missions are ridiculous and embarrassing!

The humor was great and most of the episodes flowed pretty quickly. The series was very enjoyablee. 
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Was the series too short?! Anyway, there's really nothing to hate-- maybe a few bitches when the elite and Reject Five (based on popularity) compete.

Everything's great, so this is one of my favorite series ^^

Grade: 8-9.2/10
Sentence? Naked up or naked down?