Sunday, December 28, 2014

Friends Season Six

25 Episodes 
Aired: 1999 NBC
Humor, Humor ! 

Ross and Rachel - drunkenly married since Vegas! Chandler and Monica plan a wedding?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Castle Season Three

24 Eps

Ohmigod, that Finale!!! An insufferable loss. Ooh, it was a rickety bridge season - scary, adventurous, and worn down feelings... Beckett and Castle have their first heated argument! Ah, so many firsts and new clues to Joanna Beckett 's murder, as well.

Guest stars, Ashley/Ashlee... the third season has reeled in homicides due to financial and "S/he might spill the beans" intentions. Tragic deaths? Eh... I mean, it seems like the producers didn't feel like setting up a death scene. Personally, it looked like they used a lot of dummies or mannequins. But the deaths are pretty cool like a drowning Houdini magician to a script writer , killed like a show character.

Time continues to run quickly as the detective work ticks at time very slowly. I usually am bored through the middle, but it's the last five or eight minutes that I enjoy the most.

How is a mystery show to be discussed? I'm pretty sure that this show doesn't feature tense moments (and apparently, deceasions) like The Good Wife. But, Castle seems to care about Beckett a little bit more and Alexis and Ashlee are going to Stanford? What will Papa Castle feel?

Is Ashlee cute?
Just glad that Alexis found someone like him. 
Speaking of Castle, there's a new debut author, Alex Conrad. And he admires Beckett ... or is it Detective Heat?

Those are muffins.

Grade: 8.8/10 
The Finale, the Finale, the Finale. 
Can't believe it. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Castle Season Two

Police - Crime - Romance-ish (more  SEASON One!) 
24 Episodes

IN case you can't tell,
Left:: Castle and Beckett 's femme fetale

Ah! It's here. Castle and Beckett are back in my life. This season is better than the premiere: it's addicting, features steamy-kisser Castle, and more Alexis!!

This is where it all should have started. Beckett is starting to slightly  envy a mix of women from an actress to an FBI mom! But at least she's not a bitch anymore :) Her hair, makeup, and even her DRESSES are improved, and her observational skills have become sharper.
  On the other hand, Castle launched his Nikki Heat series. And he's laughing more - in an evil way.

The cases are truly a bad dream come alive. Cleverer and set-up for even better motives than the cliche girl fights, fear, and fear of exposure.

Oh, no, dearie. It is so much better than that. A callgirl in caramel, a poisoned comedian, a Nikki-Heat superfan serial killer.

Besides solving these bizarrely awesome murders, family is company. The audience gains a closer look into the life of an academically active senior Alexis, his mother... dressing up, dating a high school crush, and her acting/stage career, and finally, Castle concerning over boys around Alexis.

Speaking of Alexis, it seems that fate is not the reason of Castle 's daddy discussions with Alexis that is always the reason of solving a case. In short, if Castle is stuck on a case, talk with Alexis about her life.. brilliant! Hmm.. so someone cleaned up another's murder? I wonder.
Smiling in an interrogation by Beckett?
Huh, she won't let you past this one. 

And finally, the worst news. Humour isn't around a lot. Puns ARE intended. Comedy is conducted by Castle and his boys, Esposito and Ryan .
And did I mention that Castle and Beckett envy over exes and current statuses? Well, the jealousy is just for show, hopefully. I mean, it's gotta be too early for the two to be together! 

Grade: 8.5/10 
-in Episode 11, Beckett violated Amendment Four, right? If so, 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friends Season Four

So who did Ross say "hi" to? Friends brings back glorious comedy after a dreadfully bland Season Three. 

24 Episodes
Aired: 1997 NBC

Ah, Friends returns with more humor. The six become closer (close enough for two to go down in bed!) Rachel and Ross isn't even an issue in this Season , but Ross is getting married again! In London!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Friends Season Two

24 Episodes
Aired: 1995 NBC

Rachel waits for Ross' return at the airport, who returns with more than luggage. Joey gets the role of a doctor in a fictional "Days of Our Lives"- this may be his breakthrough!
The Friends season that includes several  storylines 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season Three -- Goodness Gracious, Girl!

22 Episodes  (Preferred Watching Sequence: 14 episodes) 
Supernatural , Romance
Aired: 2011 TheCW

Where did Season Two leave us? Ah, yes...

Jeremy sees his dead exes and Klaus wants his dead Original family back. HE WANTS HIS COFFINS BACK ~ With the development of popular TVD fandom relationships, witches are sought out and Alaric has a vampire-hunter alter-ego that may take over him. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season Two

22 Episodes
Supernatural  romance 

Katherine Petrova enters the scene , wanting a moonstone while on the run from an Original, powerful hybrid , Klaus, who has plans for breaking the Curse of the Sun and Moon. 

Elena (us, too!)  finally meets Katherine . Damon cares for Elena .
 New vampires - friends!  More werewolves - trouble's brewing in town.

    Ohmigod, I binge-watched the show... All in a day! (Aka TOday) Guilty for binge-watching this show again. No one in the house cares anymore because for three consecutive nights , after a 20-minute shower, I'm snuggled on the edge of my bed, watching this.. TILL 1 AM! (ALSO KNOWN AS... NOW!) My folks snoozed at synchronized times for the past nights. Why?!

In this Season, there's a lot of bargaining - people and objects. But it's not fangtastic if there's not blood, right? Episode 8 is the goriest episode which spotlights Elijah Mikaelson, an Original with a nice 'do. (Said Damon)

Elena is aware of the existence of supernaturals in little Mystic Falls . She's unraveling some surprising secrets about her birth and...
Just like the book's blonde It girl, SHE'S A TOUGH NUT TO DAMON ! I already have a feeling that Second Lead syndrome will truely be testing Elena's love . Stefan hasn't changed much, but he may turn off his humanity for the next season after the arrival of the Original brothers, Elijah and Klaus, who are older , British, wittier, and so much more powerful.

The story's focused on bargains and family secrets . There's just kills and newly turned vamps (or wolves). The Originals .. can't wait to watch the spin-off XD

THE Finale honors the death(s) of a few loved ones. But, it's the background narration that has taught me that death is unpredictable for loved ones. John Gilbert narrates - the content is heart-wrenching, if you've got a family or very supportive friends and folks. 

Grade:: 7.4 /10
Lacks tense atmospheres --

>>Suggested Watching Sequence<<
1-7 , (8 for the blood), 9-11, 13, 17- End

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Breaking Bad Season One

7 Episodes 
Genre: Realism

Walter White , a high school chemistry teacher, learns that he has a critical case of terminal cancer. He becomes inspired by the wealth that the drug industry reels in, so he produces the world's purest crystal methamphetamine with a business partner,  a high school dropout, Jesse Pinkman. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Vampire Diaries !! Season One

It's finally off my watchlist!! The Vampire Diaries was an astounding dark story for the week ~ 

So you haven't seen it? Start planning and make this one of the teen dramas you should watch.

22 Episodes 
Supernatural  Romance with a Town's Historical Backdrop

Elena Gilbert's relationship with new boy, Stefan Salvatore, may be more than fate.... rather, a past that involves his past love who looks just like her and the small town of Mystic Falls is out to eradicate Them. 

Vampires are back!! It's stolen some Twilight franchise ideas, but the suspense is up to height with Grimm (I mean, Grimm has some tense relations) .  The series' first season began with an ickishly interesting high school girl and suddenly BABAM! Episode 7 or 10, the climax has definitely upped ratings and turned the tables!

Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert - lookalikes, possibly ancestral relatives. Ohhh no. Elena may not have matured much as a person, but she's holding onto hope and love all the time. And she hasn't been sacrificed yet!! (As in a person-for-person exchange)

I loved the characters, but being in a small town that brings in a lot of strangers for Founder's Day, they all have a connection to each other. The mayor takes action against the ancient returnees , even though -!!- he is of a supernatural genity himself ..... Stefan Salvatore (so bothered by that last name) is a bore, but I'm laughing at his brother's script. Damon Salvatore, I'd happily offer myself to you!!

[Damon seems to look older in some episodes and suddenly regains his youth... Well, that's just me sayin' that]

The episodes have everyday conversation (barely any vocab words, guys) , yet because of the deaths every other episode, you can't help but cry for lost characters ((or in the worst case, the pasts)). I cried for three episodes straight!!

The Finale adds a couple of questions about Mystic Falls and its rich, historic past.

Last note: the books. It was the first book that I was just.. addicted to. (Finished The Awakening and The Struggle in an hour and a half!) It lacks vocabulary and presents the diaries and viewpoints of blond, popular Elena and Stefan. Elena's a bitch and Stefan is incognito as a person. Everyone hates Damon .. sob sob!
 **The TV series is preferred by me over the books.

Grade: 7.8- 8.3 /10 
It's an Addicting Season :: I rewatched the Finale thrice and do not, I repeat, DO NOT look up any characters ... you will be ruined by spoilers!! Don't spoil this show -- it piles up so many feelings , emptiness, and deaths

Thursday, November 27, 2014


12 Episodes , plus 3 OVAS 
It began with a Mushi-shi feel, but dragged out the conversations. There's only one .. wise guy with spirits.

An ex-vampire high school boy collides with girls of fascinating issues, like being weightless or not being able to find her way home.

The animation style is of one that I haven't seen before....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friends (F·R·I·E·N·D·S) Season One

24 Episodes ("The One With..." - distinct, isn't it?)
~29 minutes per episode
Comedy Realism 
Aired: 1994 NBC
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)

Genres: Comedy, Sports, Romance
Starring: Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, Toma Ikuta  
12 Episodes
2007 FujiTV

Ashiya Mizuki flies from America to Osaka Gakuen to make her idolized star high-jumper jump again. But, Osaka Gakuen it's an all-boys school! Incognito as a male, Mizuki is an in an unbeknownst love triangle.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Castle Season One

10 Episodes - 42 mins each 
Romantic Comedy, Police Procedure 
Starring Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, and others ~

After assisting Detective Kate Beckett and her crew with two murder cases that seemed to be based off his Derrick Storm series, Richard Castle sticks around the New York Police Department while he's got writer's block and might be developing feelings for Beckett. 

Nathan Fillion knows how to say and do. I read the Pilot script and all I memorized after one reading was BECKETT : Murder. Well, it was something like that. Now I want to be a script writer or even better, a director . It's a dream, you know? I did fear Kate Beckett a bit, seeing that she does push Castle away from cases. I'm pretty sure that she knows she's being beat up with Castle''s fast thinking. Even as an author, he's pretty smart. Now I wonder if all mystery writers are like that - Can it be? 
Nathan Fillion, I'd nominate him for an Acting award, however, I had issues with Katic's acting in some episodes. 
Each episode opens with the crime scene, aka The Highlighted Murder of the episode. A song plays during this scene and, depending on the song, May cause a little giggle. That's hoe music just ... gets to you. 

The police procedure, most orders are requested by Beckett, are showing that there is always a sharp-minded, quick thinker in a police force . At least the orders make sense, but it seems .. really meticulous, writers. 
I mean, to say that the culprit used another identity just from concluding a culprit seems like it was going to be overused (twice, in my count).  This season did rewrite some ideas into Episodes 6-10. 
Identify fraud ... welcomed into reality. 
There are books by a fictitious character, Castle. I have  yet to read them.

I liked the first five Cases. Again, 6-10 seemed like a rerun of the other cases. Are all the cases twisted? Nah, not really. If you want a taste of what you're gonna see, I made a list of what cases I remember. There might  a lot of... eyes - still, dead eyes.

Woman in a dryer, frozen body, spiritual deaths, body in a wall safe, shot body covered in rose petals.. 

Castle seems to have the romance problems - his daughter loves him, and likewise, is bothered by her (shopaholic, fun-finding) mother, who is separated from Castle. Castle has a relationship with his publisher... oops, it's his ex-wife. So, he's single, right? Beckett.. is disturbed  by her mother's death and plays with the boys in the NYPD.

WELL, it's a short season, so finish and start it anytime. I did see an episode in a later season and I liked it (okay, I was... 10) . The more promising of the series is beyond this season.
It was like "A" all over again.
The literature-based murders doesn't seem to be heavily covered. Just so ya know.
Grade : 7.5 / 10 

I've noticed either I'm not watching much animes or dramas.
** MANGA, ANIME, OR DRAMA reviews? What do /you/ want to read next.

I know I'm thinking critically than ever. I have a Bloat Boat list, candies that I've thrown away from the fam, and dissing on Mexican enchiladas now.

I've also become a pesco-vegetarian who went no-carbs last week! I even set a limit for bread -- because somehow, I manage better with rice and Asian homecooked meals than a slice of 70-85 calorie [whole]wheat/grain bread. Stay fit and lively ( ^ ^ )
À demain,
K ∟

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season Four

24 Episodes
Mystery Teen Drama

This season picks up the story from the fire at the lodge of Season Three. The Liars seem to know most  of their own secrets and are uncovering the secrets of... lovers, Alison DiLaurentis, and their own families. Will "A" finally be unraveled? (Answer: no... The show 's renewed for a seventh season) 

Oh, my ~ every episode reveals a new clue or just.. something new! The "A" clips at the end of episodes isn't as intriguing as the First Season. Just to say to those who, like me, usually tune in for A's spotlight.
But, it seems like one man will be on your suspect list: he's not on mine, cuz it just doesn't fit perfectly with A's motive. Ezra Fitz - is he a victim, too? Or is he working with A? If you love Ezra or fangirl him whatever.. beware, you might be afraid of him this time. I'm feeling so sympathetic for him ... a lot , now.

Relationships- heh, well ~ pretty much all the Liars are falling apart in their love lives. But at least they're not hit by A about their relationships. "A" hasn't been sending texts much, lately. Why so quiet, I wonder? 

All the girls are meeting new guys (Emily… nope, still managing with Paige..) I mean, you are gonna miss this guy: Dean , a _____ counselor. I don't care if he never got to love his Client, but he needs to be my bestie, like, NOW!!
Apparently, the guy's on The Vampire Diaires, which I have neither read nor watched.
Beautiful that I couldn't take a click of him <З
I'll end with some remarks 'bout the Season Finale. ALI . TELLS. ALL. The ending ... is a little catfight between ____ & ____. We still don't know who A is. My guess (I don't have theories,just clues and 'clues') 

I was so happy that I finished this season, but I thought they only aired 5 eps already. Boy was I wrong- 12 eps are out as of last Tuesday.
Grade: 8/10- because, why not? :)) 

Dragon Crisis

**Contains Ecchi content (that's why it's classified as "Mature")
12 Episodes
Fantasy Romance

☆Meet Kisaragi Ryuuji, a Level 10 breaker, who just might be the first human to be in a relationship with dragons. Well, for a start, he already knew one-from years ago.

Somehow, this is the first show that comes to mind when it comes to recommendations for friends. And when they  have finished watching, most of them just loved it. However, I wonder how much I actually enjoyed the Anime. I mean, the Red Dragon, Rose (blonde in pic above), is mainly clingy to Ryuuji.. oddly, she's not a pest in most of the episodes.
 (If you're a kid Dragon, be careful who you want to "grow up" as-
Episode 11)

I learned that caring guys will [always] be like the harem protagonists. (Harem: many lovers of one person; I'd consider at least four lovers to be a harem)
Ryuuji denies that he is this kind of boy, but it's totally false ; mentioning "harem animes" (the term, not anime examples) adds a sense of humor- who doesn't love Honourable Mentions? 

Another cliche// the childhood friend, who's a classmate and a lover. Yeah, there's only one girl like this, except she's shy and has a devious friend who's basically forcing her into 'the love life of her dreams.' Aw, poor girl . 

Overall, it was a magical watching experience, but I'm bothered by the use of the same clip when Ryuuji and Rose "Engage" (combine their powers - maybe that's what makes Ryuuji stand out a bit-- he got the power!) A note- Rose was born in Albania, as an egg , and she transferred overseas to America. I'm not sure if that's where the blonde hair comes from, but just so you know, right? 

The opening song has a fiery rhythm of sixteenth notes and... 
Some English lines!! 
Did they overload on new characters? Well, they all fit into the same puzzle which led me to deny that Ryuuji has power, but he has so much time to meet new girls, who might fall for him, too. 

Stop touching her Fluffy! 

Grade: 7.6/10 
"I hate frogs the most in the world!" 
-Ryuuji to Somebody who gave him a book for his birthday 

An enjoyable watch -
:: Society, School, and Home :: 
Oh , this'll be a little something

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Geijutsuka Art Design Class (GA)

13 Episodes
Genres: Comedy, Education

Join Yamaguchi Kisaragi (the acutely clumsy girl with oversized glasses) and her classmate friends as they have fun with art and learn concepts, like style.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Slam Dunk

101 Eps ((ACHIEVEMENT :: First 100+ ep series)) 
Comedy, Sports , High School

After he was rejected by 50 consecutive girls , Hanamichi Sakuragi sets his eyes on Haruko, but to impress her, he must love what she loves -basketball.
Nope. It's following the journey of a freshman basketball rookie.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Psych Season Two

16 Episodes
Genres:: Mystery, Comedy
Starring James Roday, Dulé Hill, Maggie Lawson, Timothy Omundsen ..

IN this Season, Shawn Spencer, a man of great observational power, and Gus Burton, have more cases to crack. Most of these cases, however, are one in another (a multi-mystery). 

Shawn and Gus are quite the childhood pair; how am I still not shipping them?? In this season, Gus seems to back off away from cases (and Shawn and his problems) . He shows that he's very compassionate about his job selling pharmaceuticals and considers Psych as a side job. ((He likes to watch shows... and got sucked into a telenovela.))

The humor has shrunk into jokes here and there and if you want the most amount of humor this time, you'll only be guffawing for about two or three episodes.
I ended up cursing O'hara a bit due to a trio of episodes that features test score comparisons and an FBI government-certified agent and psychic team that come to Los Angeles. At least Shawn beats them all X)

The ending is a really effective advertisement. Hint: Shawn has a surprise visitor at HOME. 

Grade: 7.4/10 
-not as much Humor 
-Memorable Cases.. not yet Favorites
Toast Man!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season Three

24 Episodes 
Season Three of Pretty Little Liars
Based off Sara Shepard' s hit book series

So... Season 2 left us with gasp! Maya' s tearful death!! The Liars are still tangled up in A's game , featuring more pieces. The girls discover Alison's intentions back then and become more submissive with themselves. 

Well, I liked all the episodes, but I binge-watched the last 9 Episodes . However, the FINALE stood out and pushed all my hours of watching to "seemingly wasted, but oh well." 
Oui!  j'ai adore l'episode finale. It had jammed suspense, running, darkness, life, and adventure into one.... May as well be the only episode you'll need to see in this season.

Ohmigod, THAT TIE

The secrets get darker and darker. Hair is cut shorter (for two of the Little Liars). Hanna orders her friends and Caleb to spy on people. Yeah, and did I mention more Ezria? (Not that I care, but I'm kind of hoping for another breakup)..

How many questions need to be asked? Ummm.... how about RED COAT?! This femme fatale makes her debut here --

So, finally! An outstanding and or phenomenal season broke the show' s pace. Maybe this is where I should have started watching, but I like to learn all the dee.....tails.

Grade::::: 8/10

Impatient? What I'm Watching This Week:
·Orphan Black Season One (10 eps)
·Gossip Girl Season One (16/18 eps)
·Once Upon A Time Season One (20+ eps)

Goals:: Honoring My First Drama .... I'll review this surprise show on the week of October 10, the week I started taking action to the cries of dramas!

Kate xx