Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Unit

12 Episodes (YES, 12!
Genres. Mystery, Comedy,Sci-Fi, Romance
2014 tvN

Hee Chul from the kpop boy (no offense, but,shouldn't it  be ahjussi?) group, Super Junior 
Lee Soon Jae 
Lee Cho Hee (or Eunji from A Pink) 
Lee Ki Woo
Byun Hee Bong
Jang K/Gwang
  And about twelve+ Others!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Eat

16 Episodes - 50+ mins each
Genres: Food, Suspense, Lawyers, Comedy, Romance (appropriately built up late)
2013 tvN
**Opening Song at Start


  • Lee Soo Kyung as Herself
  • Yoon Doo-Joon as Koo/Goo Dae Young
  • Shim Hyung-Tak as Kim Hak-Moon (asshole.. heehee)
  • Yoon So-Hee as Yoon Jin-Yi
  • A Pomeranian pooch as Barassi!! 
  • and more people! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ramen Fighter Miki

12 Episodes-24 mins each
Genres. Comedy, Action, Food-ish
--based off the manga

As the name suggests, we got broken bowls for ramen, violent not bloody challenges, and a girl named Miki, who qualifies as The Red Riding Bitch. She does wear a red skirt with a white apron over it, as a matter of fact.

Onimaru Miki is a poster girl for her mother's Chinese restaurant, Onimaru Restaurant. Making deliveries and taking orders, this Itazura Na Kiss clone lives out repeating days of doing this ans that. With a short temper and a strong fighting spirit, Miki detours and fights her enemies. 

I don't eat a lot of ramen anymore , but when I see Missus (Miki' s middle-aged mother) cutting up noodles or cabbage, I just wanna make it!! We also learn that "good ramen makes her smile." It  has to be good, or even better, perfect.
If you can't  stand prissy, easily aggravated characters, then just watch the second half of this short series. I found that the second half was the better - there was more comedy, unthinkable situations, and maybe less fighting. 
Logic. It exists.

From the very beginning, Miki was angry already, so I was  about to drop the series, bout decided to see how the ending would turn out. Boy oh Boy, I was disappointed. It's am ending that I had to make a statement for it: "And so, their adventures continued." 
The  art is a mix of shoujo and shounen- take the white blond guy, for example.. Animation is sandpaper-smooth and rough at some places. I'm just gonna complain about the opening a bit; you know those songs where you hear a voice being overpowered by instruments? Sadly the song is like that until the chorus. OP and ED aren't bad.

Other viewers have said that this is the baby of Azumanga Daioh  and Dragonball  Z. Haven't seen those yet, but  they're on my waiting list. 
If you want character development, this wouldn't be what you're looking for. The only things that the characters  change about themselves is how often they smile, or having an ego when drunk. 

I guess the cast is  made for comedy, but does comedy make a character lack self-development? If you want the best of this series, start from Episode 4+. The anime received a 6/10  . Decent, with a unique story. 

"She's drunk! She's  clearly drunk!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chu-Bra! Manga

48 Chapters__7 Volumes 
Genres: Ecchi, Education, Comedy

I decided to post the Chu-Bra! anime and manga on the same day. I mean, the Manga is just the Anime with added characters who have their own interests! For example, a cross-dresser who likes to wear women's underwear. 

The story digs into a deeper surface of a past. So, it's a little sadder than the Anime. 

The art ..  I miss the colors now!! What I liked about this version was the  angle  the pictures are drawn at. 

The bath scene of the three girls washing up was also in the anime, but...
I liked it in here, the Manga. 
In the Anime, all we got were Komachi' s flustered face when they were talking about developing asses. Oh yeah, nice way to put it, don't you think? 

Speaking of Komachi, he's seemed to improve on his fantasizing. At least we get to see more of his thinking! At least he has unknown feelings for our underwear freak~ that's why I almost got bored of him in the anime. 
Now, I just wanna make an article about the types of pervs~ hee, hee, hee. 


Another great addition to the Manga lines: SUPER PETITE CHU-BRA! 
It's a four-panel story with chibi characters. 

If you saw the Anime, you can skip to Chapter 15 or 20. Please note that it will seem to sound exactly like the Anime, which had smoother timing, to be honest. 

I liked reading about the characters that were left out of the Anime- sob, sob! The comedy is seen more often in this format, so get your laugh on? It's not hilarious stuff, sadly. 
The ending needed more zest- I would've liked to see more of a developing relationship between Komachi and Nayu, but love isn't always the big focus of all manga series. 

GRADE: 7.9/10 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Inu X Boku SS

Inu X Boku SS ; The Dog and Me 
12 Eps
Extra: based off the manga under exact title name

Genres: Fantasy/Supernatural, Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life

Some of you may already be familiar with the title ~ this is a manga that I'm always seeing on Manga displays, and yet, I still haven't read it! The art and characters are well-distinguished from many other animes, so I guess  this series stood out due to its art. I mean, the two-eye-coloured nine tail Fox?? Well, welcome to the crew.

Ririchiyo Shiirakin has come to the exclusive Maison de Ayakashi , a place for Atavists, generations that have inherited supernatural powers from supernatural ancestry, youkai. Now a resident of Room Four, she is presented with a Secret Service agent who seems to know her beyond her knowledge. 

I like the spin with the supernatural incorporated into the story. I haven't seen many fantasy-supernatural series, as you can tell. I was able to learn some Japanese beings like the nine-tailed fox. The art is exquisite ; it's like a calligraphy on canvas~ 

The story slowly progresses , but the character change is developed a little slower than I expected. But at least Ririchiyo was able to blame something for her falling in love:

The humor isn't bad -- and foodies really make everything better.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention: this cutie is like the Japanese Portia from Barbie' s Princess Charm School!

The anime was able to have all kind of notes to different scenes from flashbacks , memories, to ... YURI!! Anyone else digging the stuff? It's just so... kawaii!
I ended up questioning the characters' pasts. I mean, I thought Sou was a male prostitute once! Ain't nothing wrong with that, though __

Enough of the fun-- the episodes ended nicely , but there wasn't a single cliffhanger! I had hoped for more tensity; who be curious about an ep titled "The Unloyal Dog?" 

I really wanna say that this is an anime version of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic- but our main girl's got a point: it is quite difficult to interact with others. 

A better than decent, unique, mystical fantasy-supernatural story with moments of all kinds of zany feelings. 
If you're bored, this one's not bad. I have read about the Manga and it seems to be more powerful than this one; deaths and all. 

- This Anime Scored: 7/10 -  
 It's just an irregular heartbeat.. eh?!  (-.-)ノ⌒-~

The dub isn't bad- maybe.. just decent?