Thursday, January 1, 2015

Friends Season Seven … and Happy New Year !

A pianist for seven or eight years .... if practicing, practice in a consecutive amount of days for the week. I don't know what I want to do about music anymore - I don't listen to today's music (90s, bitches!) and I have had a composing session locked in a room for two hours one morning.
update: okay, I was just hitting chords and basic sonatina bass rhythms ... 

  I do long to be a better musician , but a break from practicing makes me wonder about my lengthy middle finger. I played a slick "Sfolgiatto" by C.P.E. Bach earlier today and that finger was hanging there like a fallen tree trunk in the middle of the street. Practice for a week .. everyday or you'll be playing with a trunk that's in the way of a crossing hand or "snuck-under thumb."

24 Episodes
Aired: 2000 NBC

This season is less humor, more guts, and surprise! More. Romance. 
Preferred Watching Sequence::: 

Where we left off ... Monica and Chandler are engaged! Finally, right?

I absolutely enjoyed watching their love life grow more intimate and closer. Congratulations on a truly well-matched couple. Best friends ... One of the greatest friendship bonds ever, right?

On the other hand, I'm still rooting for Ross and Rachel to get back at it.
I believe that it is this pairing that Friends gains recognition as a Rom-com in ways. Now that the divorced Vegas husband-and-wife is divorced until (spoiler!!) 2004, I'm predicting that Seasons Eight and Nine will be like cheese - filling and , just there. Without Ross and Rachel, the show is just pasta... cooked, of course.

I don't know which season ranked lowest : This Season or Season 3 , but it seems that the humor is suspended. It's forced out of the script - "Well, they'll laugh anyway as they have for the past two years with us." Pretty much .  But there is a main story of this season: the wedding planning .

Grade:: 7.6 / 10 
<I'm just here for the Wedding>

And finally..
From Season Five or Six