Sunday, December 28, 2014

Friends Season Six

25 Episodes 
Aired: 1999 NBC
Humor, Humor ! 

Ross and Rachel - drunkenly married since Vegas! Chandler and Monica plan a wedding?

Ah - Best. Season. Yet! No headaches, boredom, or ignorance coming off this girl. Every episode is hi-lar-i-ous and is appealing every second. (Check out the Opening Credits for Episode One!)

Is it a CRAZY season? Do I know what kamikazes are? I think the only crazy thing is that mustache Richard is back for the last time in Episodes 24 and 25. All this time , I thought he was retiring or something. Why'd you come back, man? Whyyy - I choked at your little regrets to Mon.

Moving on, Chandler is MVP . Because, why not? I feel that, even though all six Friends are in every episode, there is a shining star in every season. Or the one who has changed a great deal -- Joey, lookin' good!
  Chandler's parents may have divorced, but that hasn't stopped him from proposing to a girl he loves. Unfortunately, the Geller-Bing wedding isn't the Finale. Bummer.

Phoebe also has prepped for her fortieth year of life. If she's single by that, she's got backup. And you might know who [they] are. I miss Gary the cop , though.

I never thought that an 00s show would include an Ezria couple 
(I do not ship the PLL fandom myself... it's just better to use as an allusion for "teacher-student relationships")

Extremely Enjoyable Entertainment 
That's what it's all about !
++ I'd say it's a chamber of the show 's heart of funny ++

Every episode is enjoyable, but I definitely disapprove of 
Dr. Drake Ramoray and his crazed fan, Rachel, who's living with him 
((Episode The One That Could Have Been)) 
If Monica didn't lose weight. If Ross.. well, what could he not do? 

Love ya and laughing at ya, Ross .

Grade : 9/10 (mostly because of the comedy)