Monday, February 2, 2015

Futurama Season Two

20 Episodes
Presenting... more comedy in the universe!

What's to say about Futurama? Said to surpass the classic cartoon, The Simpsons, this show is immaturely enjoyable.

(Next upcoming cartoon will be The Simpsons, hopefully)

This season, double the length of the first season, features traveling around the universe and the issues of love and relationships.

As the show is a cartoon, don't expect any development between Leela and Fry or a sudden personality change (that'll only happen with a computer or something!)

I'd say that this season (and perhaps, all of Futurama) is soffcore comedy. Still keeps your attention, but these episodes feel a bit extensive. Maybe it was because of the Slurm tour that just kept me thinking about what's really in beverages (all I drink is water!) 

Great for languishing on a typical afternoon. Afternoons are great for old shows , especially from the 90s. ^^^

Grade: 7.3/10 

Sleeping Bender!!!
Gasp- that should be animated :)

Question: does ANYBODY even like the Beastie Boys?