Friday, February 27, 2015

South Park Season Two

18 Episodes
((Note: I didn't watch the pilot for this season))

Surprisingly, besides being the series' longest season, there's
More blood (Kenny... sigh)
Less satire
More introduced characters per episode
A Christmas Special and
A walk down Memory Lane on a bus

This season.... addicting. I absolutely loved every episode to very pure extents (maybe I should save that for Breaking Bad Season 2).
"The innocent children" learn about the importance of their friendship, an example being the arrival of Evil Cartman.

Adults are taught the basics of life: Charlie Manson enjoys the joy of the holidays (and happily escapes from jail). This season was a win-win for everyone but Kenny. :(

The show has crashed my daily workout schedule and that theme song::
Can't think straight anymore!

I cried during two episodes: 16 and 18. I got a bit homesick after the season finale... Kyle and Stan- who knew that boys could make such sweet best friends?

The show also throws in some plotlines that involves higher-ups like free enterprise rivalry, archaeology findings, etc. Apparently, everything gets tense with "the best." Who knew.
Do you believe in the
Underpants Gnomes? 
Every episode is ++sweet++ and somehow, has more action compared to Season One Where the boys kept asking Chef for many resolutions.

Grade:: 8.3/10