Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Zoo Season Premiere Tonight + That's So Raven

Whoop whoop to summer premiere dates!

That's So Raven S2
22x20 mins
2004 Disney Channel

Raven has some family affairs and becomes a bit troublesome at school. Still featuring two conflicts per episode. 

Showing great signs that each season will be crazier, funnier (forgot to mention the laugh tracks last time), and just so! I don't want  throw in any comparisons between this season and today's Disney shows, but That's So Raven divides its episodes between friends and family and school to back at home. Have Americans modified their sights of values and desires?

This is me when I haven't spoken to a dear friend, let alone anybody. I'm getting back in touch with recent and past friends, so I'll have fun bugging everybody.

This season, a young David Henrie appears, Raven says goodbye to a beloved, and Cory mans up !

S: 7.5       P: 5
W: 8        A: 7
E: 7.5      N: 5
A: 8         T: 8
T: 7          S: 5
Grade: 6.8

Zoo S1
13x40 mins
2015 CBS

Animals gone vile? Or is it the end of human reign? A team of five investigate the attacks and explore solutions.

First of all, the second season of Zoo premieres TONIGHT at 9/8c on CBS. Er, thirty minutes from now....
Deadline rush, whoaaa.

I read the book by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Intriguing idea, flat writing overall, but that's no excuse for Patterson's master storytelling (sadly then, that's the only book I've read of his).

Nevertheless, I firmly stand with Patterson's words on the TV adaptation that it "will be better than the book." Yes,  the man has spoken... correctly. I enjoyed it more than the novel. With a cast I deem appropriately qualified, live animals, and somehow, a simple comprehensive script, it's all good.
You guys can read in this lighting?!

Harnessing the power of teamwork and highlighting the unintended potential harm that humanity is so capable of,
the series places its viewers into a world of chaos and despair, while exploring human qualities, such as the complex insight of humans living and thriving on "reason and our technology." But maybe this doesn't compare to a zombie apocalypse. Who knows?

S: 6
W: 9
E: 6.5
A: 8
T: 7
P: 7
A: 8.5
N: 5
T: 6
S: 4

Grade: 6.7