Friday, September 11, 2015


Timed writing prompts. Sometimes, you feel so empty-minded and have no idea what you're writing. 
See if an incognito Becky Botsford (aka WordGirl) can throw some mighty words your way!!

Aired: 2007 PBS
27 Episodes

I grew up on PBS cartoons -- from Angelina Ballerina to Martha Speaks, this network was my life. I [still] claim that I attained so many facts and tidbits of knowledge from the channel alone.
    I decided to go back to my roots after our little jumpstart story -- writing tests. I'll be sure to display my poor essay next time.

This year, I gave myself a small list of goals. One of those goals is to better myself as a writer. I want to write in different perspectives and offer a range of discussion methods. What I love about writing anything is that there are signs of improvement over time. If you want to be somewhat skilled at something, practice a bit of that task everyday for at least three months. I did this with sketching and physical endurance and now, I love any workout regimen except for cardio -- I'm not getting much out of it , but that's okay.

WordGirl is most suitable for elementary and middle schoolers, but everybody's vocabulary is definite. The dark outlined characters are perfect visuals for the younger audience and the numerous skits from WordGirl's monkey sidekick and the satirical versions of villains are profoundly enjoyable for the latter. The art is simple composition, a factor that effectively places focus on the talking characters not the palette - centered characters and settings in typical anime series in the early 2000s. 
   The script gradually adds tiers of elements throughout its progression. For example, Tobey is extremely confident in his established "Crash or Pie" game in the pilot, but his secret romantic feelings are revealed, displacing his standing as a schoolboy or a villain. The show instills a compassionate heart in each villain to show that evil can be reversed ;
jokingly, WordGirl points out the complexities of schemes and even persuading a man who longs for his mother's hospitality. Children learn ethical and humane approaches as just and honest civilians. 

   The humor grows quantitatively. Starting out with a little ROASTING, the writers begun to add [obvious] puns, jokes, sketches, and uniquely, poking fun at personalities and intelligence.  A little snicker won't hurt anybody. 
   Finally, the vocabulary. A majority of the terms are elementary-leveled, but the added episode clips such as "May I Have a Word?" exposes the audience to get used to terms that are better picks for the word, 'big.' Young writers or readers emerge from hearing such 'cool words.' As a side note, PBS is a great educational excuse- Mom will certainly allow their children to watch Sesame Street or Arthur because these shows are on a trusted network and she may have watched of the sort at a point in her life. Little kids have a passion and a knack of wanting to learn, even if they deny it. That desire is somewhere in that mindset. 

   While WordGirl is absolutely an enjoyable show for elementary students, it requires a chance of a couple episodes for teens to enjoy. With an opening narrator and a fairly predictable pilot, there are still several episodes that are stellar in storyline (of the episode) and script. The show is suggested for elementary students , but anybody could learn a word or two from the show. For a first-level exposure to an adequate vocabulary, WordGirl is appropriately humorous and action-packed with vocabulary a mile wide. 

Grade:: 6.8 

I love my childhood
Below is all the vocabulary and synonymously defined terms in the episodes of the first season :
  1. accelerate
  2. adorable
  3. annoyed
  4. appetite
  5. appreciate
  6. astonish
  7. avoid
  8. baffling
  9. ban
  10. bargain
  11. bicker
  12. brilliant
  13. cackled
  14. canine
  15. catchphrase
  16. chasm 
  17. clarify
  18. clever
  19. clumsy
  20. coincidence
  21. collaborate
  22. complicated
  23. compliment
  24. compromise
  25. confide
  26. confident
  27. confusing
  28. contagious
  29. dash
  30. daze
  31. dazzling
  32. deceive
  33. decrease
  34. delighted
  35. demonstrate
  36. depend
  37. design
  38. destroy
  39. devotion
  40. devour
  41. disappoint
  42. diversion
  43. doomed
  44. drowsy
  45. drudgery
  46. elegant 
  47. enormous
  48. exaggerate
  49. exasperated
  50. expand
  51. ferocious
  52. finale
  53. finicky
  54. flabbergasted
  55. frantic
  56. garment
  57. gasp
  58. generous
  59. gibberish
  60. gloat
  61. glum
  62. guarantee
  63. hideaway
  64. hideous 
  65. hoax
  66. hurl
  67. hustle
  68. identical
  69. identity
  70. idolize
  71. immediately
  72. impressive
  73. incognito
  74. increase
  75. investigate
  76. invincible
  77. legendary
  78. magnificent
  79. malfunction
  80. masquerade
  81. masterpiece
  82. mighty
  83. morale
  84. motivate
  85. mumble
  86. novice
  87. opponent
  88. opportunity
  89. outdo 
  90. penitentiary 
  91. pensive 
  92. perfect
  93. perplexed
  94. ponder
  95. predictable
  96. preposterous
  97. president
  98. proceed
  99. quarrel
  100. quest
  101. redundant 
  102. replacement
  103. restore
  104. reveal
  105. revenge
  106. rival
  107. sack
  108. scowl
  109. sidekick
  110. smash
  111. soar
  112. specific
  113. squint
  114. stampede
  115. stroll
  116. stubborn
  117. sunbeam
  118. supreme
  119. suspicious
  120. swelter
  121. swerve
  122. texture
  123. tradition
  124. transformation
  125. trio
  126. trousers
  127. unexpected
  128. vague
  129. vegetarian
  130. weakness
  131. yacht