Saturday, April 26, 2014

Murder on the Orient Express: 1974 Film

First movie review! Yay! I watched the movie "Murder on the Orient Express" in parts in three days- past 10, of course. After all, it is a Detective Hercule Poirot movie. This movie has made me understand the book a bit more ~ and the ending was better ended with an addition.

1974 film

So, the plot:
  Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, receives an urgent telegram/message to board the Orient Express. Reserved a first-class compartment on the train, an American millionaire, Mr. Ratchett, tells him that he believes his life is on the line (for the night.) Asking if Poirot could be his bodyguard for $5,000, Poirot refuses and sleeps the night away.
  The train stops due to a snowdrift and a murder is discovered in the morning.

Who was killed, whodunnit, and why? 
"Do not ask

According to the producers and maybe the author, Agatha Christie, herself, has intentionally given Poirot a playful and serious personality. However, I was only able to softly laugh at a few humorous parts. But, I'm glad that Poirot is an enjoyable character.

The script was really great in this movie.
Mr. McQueen, Ratchett's secretary

Even though the term 'retarded' seems to be used commonly in my country, I simply laughed at this~ ~

I felt that this movie seems to be making too much sense and the solution was overlooked (as psychologically realized by Poirot when he thinks/discusses aloud.) 

I wonder if anyone does this on a test or in life-- always thinking of another solution that may possibly be 
confessingly** correct. 
Poirot shares his two possible solutions to everyone on
Orient Express

**Hint... hint. :)

Even though I read the book before I saw the adaptation, the plot and most or all the clues were the same. As said in the beginning, the ending had an addition in the adaptation and was a bit more surprising in the film than that of the novel.
The cast was brilliant and I can really feel the determination and ambition of the whole producing staff, so thank you!!
There wasn't much in here, but at least you know some things about this movie!

I give this movie a 7-8/10. 

There   was    an   award   for    a   supporting   actress  .