Friday, June 27, 2014

In A Good Way

» In A Good Way
26 Episodes
Of course... all Taiwanese dramas have an opening.
This one's nice, at least. 

Kirsten Ren AS Lin Jia En
Lego Li AS Liu Chuan aka Liu Shan Feng
Jay Shih  AS Zheng Ren Wei
Smile Weng AS Bai Xue Fen 

Genres: School Life, Romance, Politics and Scandal, Friendship

In 1995, Jia En and her childhood friend, Ren Wei took their college entrance exams (oddly, just the two of them in a classroom).... Apparently, Jia En fails and can't go to college that following year, whereas Ren Wei will be leaving for Taipei to be independent... Jia En, a free spirited girl (whose short, wiglike hairdo will annoy us slightly), becomes bored at home, so she goes to see her friend and ends up saying at the university where she may or may not find new love and friends.

Pretty good beginning (I don't know what happened to me, but I skipped 8 episodes... the story still makes sense!) I love how Jia En changes through the drama... first, she is quite nosy, annoying, and just caring then she grows into an adventurous, pretty, kind person. Viewers seemed bothered that Ren Wei could be an asshole until anything past half the series.

I loved everything about the first four, six episodes. A temporary love triangle of a pretty righteous couple changes when half a couple likes another. Aww, it's too bad someone gave up impressing his/her crush/first love. 

I think the viewers witnessing the court case was a waste. Eh.

I'm. Already. Scared. 
Argh.... but the drama seemed to drag something..not sure what that is, though.

Still, it's nice to watch pagers, payphones, etc in action... oh yeah, Tamagotchis!

The ending is not your average ending. Hint: It's like my friend and I.. miles away, yet I can hear you.   

Ability to be Binged7
Theme Song/ Animation is Present9
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work9
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise6
5 Words or Less:
 »Follow my dream or stay (with you) «