Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Luck, Ninomiya-kun!

AKA: Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun; Gonshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun!
Genres: Supernatural/Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Ecchi, Childhood??
12 Episodes
WARNING: Scenes of Covered Near-Nudity ; Far From Hentai :)
I was waiting for this day where the OTP (one true pairing) would finally be together!

Wow~ first thing I gotta say about this series: THE ENDING IS HAPPY AS F---!!  And who is in the OTP you may wonder?

Three kids??!! A love triangle already?? 
Ehh.. sort of.  That's where childhood is linked. 

One day, Shungo Ninomiya's older sister (who happens to be one of those gunholding, ecchi girls),
tells him that a pair of siblings will live with them. Apparently, the Tsukimura siblings, Mayu and Mikihiro, are succubi/succubuses, who, like most succubus stories, depend on humans as their 'life energy source.' Mayu seems to be very afraid of men and "unable to control her powers." (in an early episode, you'll see how she tries to keep it under control.. nope, it's not crazy.) 

Ninomiya must help Mayu with her goals, but... what's with all these deja vu events and why does he keep having flashbacks to "one certain girl?" Is it Tsukimura Mayu who took his first kiss? 

Okay, so it's one crazy story. Seems like it, yes, but it's not... really. 
It was kind of hard to accept Mayu as a character .. I mean, she's the perfect form of a Bella whatever-her-last name was.. (Swan, right>?) 
She's..heh, heh... useless, stupid, and did we mention, the ecchi chest??!

Clumsy ditz who seems to be the girl who'll try to steal your man. This is the realism of the series: 
the love triangle or square.. wait, let me jot it out to the best of my ability. 

I'm glad that this anime isn't about the constant fights for Shungo otherwise, I'd be done. I really liked the clifhanger of Episode 8/9.. this was a cliffhanger I could actually thank because for the other 8 eps, I could not stand Mayu anymore and was about to give up ~

Aside from that, the characters seem to all have different artstyles and personalities. The hairstyles- well, I liked them.. finally some diversity! Reika, those Antoinette curls are working!! 

This is someone that everybody has to love~
And more real-world problems?? Me like! 
Well, just you wait.
The ending's all for you, my girl <3

And, uh.. have you ever seen an anime with black guys (not being racist here, I hope)
Well, go see them again!
in cosplay or something!

The cast of mixed characters is great, but the ones who've made up the humor are...
~The Crazy Ones~

Shungo's sister is that person who hires as the school nurse and is that unnoticeable ninja with the cam!

Watching experience: Escalated slowly, then lost most hope due to Mayu the Maid, and then.. BANG! Cliffhanger that Saved Me ~
From then on, the series slowly elevated its badassness.. (like a simulated battle in the forest?)

I felt like the anime was a bit rushed as soon as I went past the halfway mark. Well, whatever. 
Watch it for the end :)

Nice story, cast, and art (yes, everything).
Well, this got a(n)...
Sentence? Or Quotes?
"Do it for Ninomiya, mistress!"
"But it's so long and hard.. (you'll have no idea what Mayu was describing: hint: in the kitchen)

"The training."