Friday, July 4, 2014

No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35

No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35
11 episodes (The Finale, Episode 11, is 1.5 hours.. the rest is ~45 minutes in duration)
Genres. Tragedy, High School, Friendship
2013 NTV

(Our Doctor-X lady!) Ryoko Yunekura
>Detective Conan« Junpei Mizobata
Hiroki Aiba
(Sweet and cute counselor! xx) Nana Katase
Kento Yamazaki 
And more people!! Yay4u!

This is a drama that sets off all those human feelings of ours: heartbreak , realization, isolation, anger, etc. That's what I loved about the series... 

About:: A 35-year-old woman enters high school grounds and claims to be Class 3-A's student. But she's there for a reason... shaping victims of harassment and bullying because of a school caste system, is Baba Ayako just here to reduce bullying like the staff members? Well, she's not the only new settler... a teacher was transferred to Kunikida High, but dreads the job and is willing to do anything to go back to his old school. While Baba is spending this year in a high school, is someone out to make this the worst year possible for Baba or the class?

Each episode presents a situation that is linked to their weaknesses being poked by bullies... the bullies of Class 3-A are among the upper class , ranked by the school caste system... it's like a ranking table by popularity. Split into three class levels, low, middle, and upper, privileges and freedoms are heavily varied.

This also led to bigshots, double faced acting, and forced to wear masks. And bullying. This was almost an Everything drama -- but it was still a good watching. It felt so real that eve I got uneasy in some episodes! That's another thing that I like about this series: REALISM!! 

It's true. Some people don't believe in second chances. Or taking the time to trust.
There's a reason why people are who they are...

To me, everyone is pitiful.. Like some say
The saddest smile the brightest
The guilty punish themselves...
Something like that. 

It was Episode 9 that made me feel like
"OMG!! They sooo belong together!"

Grade! 8-9/10 : No bitches (well, she's worthwhile), superb acting, super realism, and amazing finale -- cast was made for this :)

It's short and may be a good I-Am-Looking-For-A-Drama-To-Watch!! Drama.

His face! 

And... I just died right here.

I knew he had a thing for her!