Thursday, July 10, 2014

Challenge to Shin'ichi! (jdrama)

Genres: Mystery, Life of a High-Schooler, Comedy
12 episodes + 1 Hour Finale 

This drama is based off of the manga, Detective Conan, by Gosho Aoyama. This is part of a Complete Set! (manga, anime, drama.) I'm slowly reading the manga (ugg.. 40+ more volumes to read)... and my progress on the anime isn't that great either (I'm only on 200/600-900+ episodes).

This is the only drama series of Detective Conan, where a famed high school detective is injected by a secret organization's drug.. that turns him into a kid! Well, here's the drama's plotline:

High school detective, Kudo Shin'ichi, his childhood friend and love interest, Mouri Ran, and her dad awake to find themselves in a white room. In each episode, a white box appears and shows dates of 2010. "Reminiscing" on the case that was on the day shown, the audience is presented to a case.
Well, what to note first? The cases are like a bag of Dum Dum pops- you know what flavor you're gonna get because of the wrapping.. but then there's the Mystery flavor. The series'  cases are a choice of obvious or illusional solutions.
Oh yeah, see Kotoko' s father in Episode... 6! 
-This guy starred in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo-

The series seems to state that  solving cases like a detective also has some fun in it.. for you, at least.
 I don't know about you but, the po-po-police seem to be followers of their assistant(s)! The police seem to be presented as weaklings in dramas nowadays. And then we've got new introductions to rookies (like You're All Surrounded, which I want to see) and how a badass discovers new soft feelings , like love, which is supposedly, not s'posed to be taken lightly. 

With that sly grin, what was this woman thankful for?

The struggle of these two childhood friends is clearly visible. Shin'ichi is relatable in some love scenarios like confessing his feelings. If that's a spoiler, sorry!!!!
The acting' s not bad; I'd say it's presentable. I had problems with the actress who played Ran. I liked Ran in the anime and manga, but I couldn't really stand her acting. After all, her actions did say a little more than "Shin'ichi, I'm your childhood friend and I'm going to help. Secretly, you've been played by my hand."

If you're lying in a supposedly near-dead state, why waste jaw, cheek, and face muscles just to say a couple lines?? Again, I just had problems with the drama' s take on Ran' s character.

Well, at least she died happily. 
IF she did.
 With the outer storyline of "a fan locked me up in a white room to look back," the only source of suspense is when you feel more excited when they're one step closer to something. The ending was tense, but I kind of wanted an eviler guy. X)

An outer story with greater focus on the detective work. The acting is just as decent and acting seems to lack immersiveness and reality. It feels like a practice. 

Just  be there for the cases 
grade: 7.4/10