Thursday, September 11, 2014

Holy Battle in Couleur de Rose - The Future is in Our Hands!

6 Episodes
2011 Asahi TV

Well, this is quite a late post. I feel so guilty :::::

       A 30-year-old housewife feels hopeless after her hardworking husband answers that he sees her as a mother and a wife, not (or rather, never..) a woman. She decides to pamper herself for a chance to be a professional model. 

Your first thought will definitely be this from Day One:
Her husband's a cheating asshole jerk!

Mona Vanderwaal with less makeup? 

Our antagonist begins to be manipulative because of an accusation without evidence.. not sure what this action is called -- "the finger of blame." But, because our femme fatale is a model who gained popularity after a long hiatus, her schemes range from catfight starters to those involving business! (oh yeah, it's given in to quite chaos).

If you're a housewife, you should be able to relate to our tall, out and about mom , who's kind of forcing herself to be a model. I mean, in America, there aren't "amateur model" ads in the zines. You can't just believe that you're perfect just after reading something that may suit you. I got a church orchestra audition this weekend, so... good luck to my bestest. ;) 

I felt that this drama was kind of feminist . Like, women are strong-willed and pretty much weak when it comes  keeping your mind on straight. I'm not doubting my gender, but I'm just blurring out the truth.

Says the guy with a girly top and that scarf. 

This show has taught me a lot about time and people.. and family. (I'm hoping  my dad's wrong about me missing home if I'm in college... I said IF!) It's 40 minutes of fashion designers , walking lessons, and family fights!! 

The speed of the story is variant , as every episode features different fashion issues from a torn dress to ... a clumsy catwalker.

Grade: 6.7-7 /10