Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season Three

24 Episodes 
Season Three of Pretty Little Liars
Based off Sara Shepard' s hit book series

So... Season 2 left us with gasp! Maya' s tearful death!! The Liars are still tangled up in A's game , featuring more pieces. The girls discover Alison's intentions back then and become more submissive with themselves. 

Well, I liked all the episodes, but I binge-watched the last 9 Episodes . However, the FINALE stood out and pushed all my hours of watching to "seemingly wasted, but oh well." 
Oui!  j'ai adore l'episode finale. It had jammed suspense, running, darkness, life, and adventure into one.... May as well be the only episode you'll need to see in this season.

Ohmigod, THAT TIE

The secrets get darker and darker. Hair is cut shorter (for two of the Little Liars). Hanna orders her friends and Caleb to spy on people. Yeah, and did I mention more Ezria? (Not that I care, but I'm kind of hoping for another breakup)..

How many questions need to be asked? Ummm.... how about RED COAT?! This femme fatale makes her debut here --

So, finally! An outstanding and or phenomenal season broke the show' s pace. Maybe this is where I should have started watching, but I like to learn all the dee.....tails.

Grade::::: 8/10

Impatient? What I'm Watching This Week:
·Orphan Black Season One (10 eps)
·Gossip Girl Season One (16/18 eps)
·Once Upon A Time Season One (20+ eps)

Goals:: Honoring My First Drama .... I'll review this surprise show on the week of October 10, the week I started taking action to the cries of dramas!

Kate xx