Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Unit

12 Episodes (YES, 12!
Genres. Mystery, Comedy,Sci-Fi, Romance
2014 tvN

Hee Chul from the kpop boy (no offense, but,shouldn't it  be ahjussi?) group, Super Junior 
Lee Soon Jae 
Lee Cho Hee (or Eunji from A Pink) 
Lee Ki Woo
Byun Hee Bong
Jang K/Gwang
  And about twelve+ Others!

I just noticed that I don't have drama genre tags! Boohoo. But that won't stop me from talking!
What do you get when you have four handsome men involved with the Police Department and strange water? (Strange Clouds by B.O.B?) Well, after one dip, almost all of these detectives became grandpas, but their minds still sharp. They unravel a link of a party called Goldfish to clients and try to retrieve an antidote. 
Who wants to see HeeChul as a masqueraded girl? 
It was quite an amusing start, but the humor dropped after around Episode 5. Episodes 1-6ish contain a mystery that the detective men solve and the Goldfish group (shady organization like the Black Organization from Detective Conan series) are floating around in our minds. These cases, and the series, taught me the following:
 Revenge and love change a person. | You may or may not get something from death. | Look at these actions that have led to THIS. Everything counts. 

The acting's great, but honestly, Eunji didn't show her best in the last three eps. Crying's just difficult sometimes, isn't it. I'd like to thank the writers for veering away from the trends of the months that Grandpas Over Flowers aired in. It takes thought and I appreciate that.
Anyway, Goldfish. It's almost exactly like the Black Organization. You got a liquid medication for reversing or advancing the aging process, an employer and its workers (Big A and the A Team, love?), all without the black and dark suits. At least we'll be even less sure of your leader!!
This guy needs to be in a phone commercial..
It's paced fairly fine, but the Goldfish calls escalate and slide the action, so it's jell-O. As in, Goldfish needed to appear frequently. Goldfish is all about timing! Until it happened over there. 
Suspense level is... a meh for me. At least they alternated a couple times between Goldfish and the gang of ahjussis!

Drama Formula? 
Let's Eat + Pretty Little Liars + The Black Organization + a medical cliche 

BOF (Boys Over Flowers)? Review coming soon in September!
You'll enjoy every episode. The confusion of associates (siblings, relatives, friends, etc) hypes the tension and trust value. The Finale had good reason, but I felt it went overboard.. just a bit. 

Grade : 7.5-8.2 /10 

Park Tae Min... whyyyyyyyyyyyy??!! TSDMC