Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bob's Burgers Season One

1 3 eps. || 21 mins each 
Family Humour 

Centers about Bob Belcher's family including his ambitious, gentle wife and his three mischievous children. Even with a problem everyday, Bob is always optimistic and solves his problems, whatever they may he. 

One of the most positive families that I've ever watched, Bob Belcher is like Modern Family's Mr. Phil Duncan. Rated for viewers older than 14, the comedy is very light, but the life lessons are in a similar sequence like Modern Family. In the end of each episode, someone tells the whole family (that is quite lucky to stick together most of the time) "what I learned today." 

However, unlike Modern Family, one of the three children is Tina, the eldest. A sensitive pubertal girl, she is a character that debuts some inappropriate material in the pilot. Being that, the matter is "my crotch itches." The crotch is the only body part that has been said around four to five times this season. 
  Tina is a love-and-hate-her kind of character to me. Honestly, I can't relate to her at all and it makes me wonder if I have ever become someone else. Tina seems to have an interest in boys and likes the derrieres of men. 
An odd girl she is. 
Tina has a low , monotonous voice. I think it is simply that that makes her a turn-off for the show. Either all the more reason to love and hate her. 

On to the business aspect of the family-operated restaurant. Like numerous businesses, Bob's Burgers has a rival across themselves--Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria. The rivalry is the fact that Pesto's pays his rent on time and features live entertainment and things in his restaurant. On the other hand, Bob is usually late on rent, but he doesn't bargain or tease someone, else, like Pesto. 

Besides rivalry, the burger place mentions promotions , if you're an employee and the struggle of the family working at their own store, well, I mean, the children work jobs . 

What's more fascinating is the fact that Bob's isn't your ordinary fast-food place. It's a diner, first of all. Bob has a list of burgers that he can make and is prepared to present a special, savoury entree if the need rises. 

Finally , there's a 20 second sequence with uke music and a little story of how the diner opened to its GRAND RE-RE-RE OPENING. 

Another Note:: Linda, Bob's charming wife seems to win the hearts of blond dudes. Girl, fascinating! You can't help but truly adore the blond robber and her in Episode Five. 

You might recognize Louise by her voice. (Hint:: it's Mabel from Disney's Gravity Falls) 
Enjoyable, light family delight
Lacks humor but is able to display life morals in somewhat realistic situations

There's currently five seasons of the show . Poppy art! <3