Saturday, March 21, 2015

Community Season One

25 Episodes. -19-22 mins each

A Spanish study group at Greendale Community College. The founder, suspended lawyer, 
Jeff Winger, tries to finish a degree, yet he ends up in the immature lives of his newfound friends. 

Community is in its final season in 2015 , so I made it a to-do to catch up to Season Six . 

The Pilot has shown the prominent capabilities of the show from a well-cast group to an opening song and Abed's many allusions . 
Don't dare to watch only one episode and wait until tomorrow. It's just not right! 

If you like Seasons Four through (perhaps) Eight of Friends, then you will definitely enjoy Community. In my opinion, the humor is spontaneously perfectly-timed in their lives. Who knew that paintball could be such

A tense sport??

These characters are very human-relatable. Scandalous intimacy, lying, bargaining, even going to extreme lengths to defend yourself
or to show that you're probably "not a buzzkill." 

With a diverse cast of an Asian Spanish teacher, an Indian geek, a couple blacks in the group (sorry, Troy!), and the blonde, there is someone to connect with on the show. 

I can't help but think of the Mane Six, humour from Friends, and Modern Family format. Community's equation right there. 

Every member of the group has different personalities and there are 
Three males, three females. 

Simply dashing for enjoyment and humorous entertainment, Community is an 


Enjoy, Darlings +~+