Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Family Guy and The Simpsons :: Season One

Family Guy: 7 Episodes ||| The Simpsons : 13 Episodes

Hi, there .. 
This week, I returned to watching anime and found an Asian Drama that fit into my schedule of nothingness! Did you return to a previous, ended pastime? 

Humans like 'the finish.' Yet, for unfinished projects, it is at first unbearable, but sadly, 
We're over it. 
The most success requires time , not effort, really.

Nearly every human has had a family. Even if you never did, who knew that Homer Simpson is a great, loving cartoon father?

The two cartoon series (still running, oh my!) center on working class families with crazy kids - kind of relatable to parents, no? Besides the fact that Family Guy is genuinely for an older audience of teenagers, the children in the show have their own various personalities.

What TV dads do you enjoy watching or learning from? 
a) Family-driven hard-worker 
b) Ignorant and sarcastic

Got an answer? 
If you chose 'a,' then Homer Simpson and his admirable, individual children. 'B,' maybe Peter Griffin isn't that ignorant, careless is probably a better word as this show doesn't highlight the struggles of a working family unlike The Simpsons. 

The Simpsons' first season shows obvious signs of family value during the 90s with no cursing (unless you count "D'oh!" but that's just
in rage) and not even two drops of spilt blood. 
Even though my siblings are unable to enjoy The Simpsons together, 
its script is so conversational that you 
may have to turn away and wash the dishes. Except when the opening plays,
Bart 's chalkboard punishment changes by a word each time. 

Family Guy - also with an opening theme. Peter Griffin- 
living life as it is! A positive, worry-easing father, this man is a
funny, fat little man ;) 
A tad predictable mind, his wrongdoing is sometimes confronted by the 
family's talking martini-drinking dog, Bob or something. He's 
in the back a lot.  
I enjoyed this season more because every episode alternates the views between the family members- 
All with their own mind of ways. 

Family Guy : 7.2 
The Simpsons : 6.7