Monday, July 20, 2015

Kuitan -- The Hungry Detective

Disappointment is the name... no food porn in these ten episodes. 
Now, who wants to practice their detective skills and be surrounded by lovable characters? 

10 Episodes
45 mins
Comedy, Mystery
2006 Nippon TV

Seito Takano is constantly famished. With another hobby of standard deduction abilities, he becomes the leader of a broke private-eye agency, Holmes Agency. He's solving cases just for the food, by the way. 

I love shows that are centered around food. I may not have a large appetite or a foodie's heart, but there's something about food whether it be kneading dough or salivating at the  mere shaved chocolate pieces on a cake that adds a sense of positivity and gathers a group of cooks or detectives, in our case.

 Do you know an extreme foodaholic? Meet Seito Takano.
Watch Episode 4 or the Cake Mystery to find out!

   How many series have lovable characters? Eliminate most romances and police shows... The show includes a small police party consisting of Inspector Ogata, a stern woman who just wants the job done, Igarashi~, the Chief, etc. When Takano the Kuitan becomes a daily asset, everyone begins to enjoy his company. Only then is this realized in Episode 8. To what extent must we deny a simple friendship status?

What else is a favorite factor? Comedy skits and chopsticks. I don't know if Forks and Chopsticks are still at war, but who knew that the pair of two sticks could be displayed in such manners? I mean, Takano's pair can intercept bullets, have telepathic powers, and even cuts through thick Asian packaging. Sugoi!

Well-brushed characters. They seem as if they all live such lifestyles as a foodaholic, a policewoman, and lazing-around detectives. Sometimes our daily lives are too ordinary and these cases may drag with the eating scenes and random alternating views. All the more reason to start at Episode 3. 

Handsome lead? I think he's dashing and adorable.

There is a second season... 

I've been noticing ...
I still write something every week, so that's great. First year into high school is a month away and I've had a schemeful summer, so far. Two families under one roof... housing some  cousins who are living and seeing America for the first time. I could talk smack (because I have thoughts), but who knows how long it may take for any of them to find me. Anyway, I hatched THE DROUGHT. Most homes have routers or a WiFi source.. my family, Family A, has been able to compromise a schedule for most of the day. When does the house get WiFi? The weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. from 10 in the morning to 11 at night. As for scheduling , I can't wait for Appiom to be launched.. for once, I appreciate something technological.
So, it's because of this beautiful DROUGHT that has slowed down my viewing progress. Finally, I'd like to invite you to my GoodReads. I've been reading on a daily basis and am enjoying reading more and more with every growing day.

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