Thursday, July 23, 2015


12 Eps
55 mins each

TV's most notorious serial killer... 

This is a striking visionary. The blood spatters and the props amp the setting of Dexter Morgan, a man who controversially wants justice in Miami, Florida. I have read Darkly Dreaming Dexter and it's part of a small selection of books that have exceptional humor. I like how Dex jokes about the lifestyle and, like his victims, he's selective about his women. He's not a womanizer (but his handsomeness denies this), but he's loyal to "a damaged" wife, Rita, and her two children.

Showtime is known for its scripts, but Dexter holds to the authenticity of a Spanish city. With Spanish phrases throughout episodes, the Miami Police Department comes to life through these dialogues. Besides an exposure to linguistics, Dexter 's first season pierces its audience with the inclusion of complex relationships from a husband in prison to "Father Knows Best."

 I am not so keen on family affairs , so I'm really proud of this show - to be able to console and aggress the intimacy and punishment of family at times. I've learned a couple things.

Dexter is a fostered, no, adopted, kid. His li'l sis, Debra, is absolutely the best character . Such a dedicated , ambitious lady.  She, along with everyone else on the show, has captivating acting performances. Hands-down captivating.

Finally, the show can't just be about a man who kills and lives a double life. Dex is a blood spatter analyst of the Police force. A particular serial killer has captured Dexter s eye... the Ice Truck Killer. With clues from Dexter 's own childhood, the events build into a shocking finale--- which I totally felt satisfied, by the way.

A bit hindering in the first four episodes, but Episode Eight-- whoo!

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No slicing / murder scenes, just bloody graphic! ::)