Saturday, July 4, 2015

Winx Club Season One

26 Eps
18 mins each
Fantasy , Romance

We are the Winx, we are the Winx (Come join the club)
We are the Winx!

Second month of summer.. if this was a job, I'd miss it dearly. I've missed all of my ducklings. Yet, I have an excuse:: watching movies daily and later, talking for hours until one in the morning. Lately, I've come to realize my love for kids' cartoons like Alfred Hedgehog, Sonic, and Carmen Sandiego. I spent two days on this one season of Winx Club.

Bloom is a girl on Earth. She has loving parents, a twit in her life, and a friend bunny named Kiki/Keke. One day in the woods, she witnesses a fight between a fairy and an ogre. 

The first ten episodes center around Bloom 's introduction to the fairy-magic world, as well as welcoming the boys from Red Fountain. I can't help but place the boys' aesthetics on the dot between Cute and er, cartoonishly schmexy. . . . . . . .
The beginning is pretty bland, but Bloom and her girls are drawn into vixens. You'll understand once the transformation sequence begins. Speaking of sequences, the theme song is a minute long! Unnecessarily longer than a fine thirty five seconds if a jingle.
Also, who likes tentacles? Ha... ha ha ha ha ha ha mwah ha ha!!!

This series is the first Italian series distributed in the U.S. Happy Fourth, by the way. I tried to find the original Italian version, but with RAI English, only the titles are in Italian .

So, the series is basically, a catfight with the girls who will suck up and steal your boyfriends. At least they're spending their days doing something that they love. Those evil, dedicated witches.

I loved the climax at Episode 16- the worthily-waiting-for finale.
No cliffhangers, but you'll love the charcters that you want to know what's in store for Season Two. Upcoming : New Girl !!

6.7- 7.3