Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Angel Beats! //

"Everyone cries at the ending..."

13 Episodes

This is an anime that has a fine reputation through mouth. I've heard bits and bits over the years and I've finally taken some time to watch it.

A kid named Otonashi finds himself in the afterlife and fights alongside Yuri Nakamura, who believes that God has given everyone a cruel fate. 

The Afterlife. A place that many are looking forward to -- a sanctuary where you can truly put all your past behind you. Unfortunately, your past identifies you; there's a story behind his loneliness, her constant laughter, their hairstyles .. uuuu. In Angel Beats, Yuri's SSS army has a huge desire to lift the fact that all their life, it has been cruel.

And who else to blame than God? It may not be one of the greatest questions to ask, but sometimes, I want to step out on a dredging day and shout out like one of those females in chick flicks or something. Who knows if it might help with blood pressure and all that anger?

Angel Beats features a cast of typical characters; I could discuss this, but why read about characters that just don't stick out as its own? Yet. their appearances are very close, palette-wise. Light pink, magenta, a royal blue, and white hair.

The show centers around the missions that Yuri carries out to destroy a reserved introvert . So, don't judge people... at least, "Angel's"' got an infliction tolerance on her.

It's full of fluff because you've got an obsessed activist. Yuri has fought for a long time and, 
5 EPISODES OF FIGHTING is just too much.

Preferred Watching Sequence : 
Start from Episode 3 or 5; skip 10-11

There's barely any comedy, so if you want an action funny, this shall not be your pick of the something!  

It bored my living soul from Earth to the Afterlife. 

Grade::: 6.1