Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chu-Bra! Manga

48 Chapters__7 Volumes 
Genres: Ecchi, Education, Comedy

I decided to post the Chu-Bra! anime and manga on the same day. I mean, the Manga is just the Anime with added characters who have their own interests! For example, a cross-dresser who likes to wear women's underwear. 

The story digs into a deeper surface of a past. So, it's a little sadder than the Anime. 

The art ..  I miss the colors now!! What I liked about this version was the  angle  the pictures are drawn at. 

The bath scene of the three girls washing up was also in the anime, but...
I liked it in here, the Manga. 
In the Anime, all we got were Komachi' s flustered face when they were talking about developing asses. Oh yeah, nice way to put it, don't you think? 

Speaking of Komachi, he's seemed to improve on his fantasizing. At least we get to see more of his thinking! At least he has unknown feelings for our underwear freak~ that's why I almost got bored of him in the anime. 
Now, I just wanna make an article about the types of pervs~ hee, hee, hee. 


Another great addition to the Manga lines: SUPER PETITE CHU-BRA! 
It's a four-panel story with chibi characters. 

If you saw the Anime, you can skip to Chapter 15 or 20. Please note that it will seem to sound exactly like the Anime, which had smoother timing, to be honest. 

I liked reading about the characters that were left out of the Anime- sob, sob! The comedy is seen more often in this format, so get your laugh on? It's not hilarious stuff, sadly. 
The ending needed more zest- I would've liked to see more of a developing relationship between Komachi and Nayu, but love isn't always the big focus of all manga series. 

GRADE: 7.9/10