Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Eat

16 Episodes - 50+ mins each
Genres: Food, Suspense, Lawyers, Comedy, Romance (appropriately built up late)
2013 tvN
**Opening Song at Start


  • Lee Soo Kyung as Herself
  • Yoon Doo-Joon as Koo/Goo Dae Young
  • Shim Hyung-Tak as Kim Hak-Moon (asshole.. heehee)
  • Yoon So-Hee as Yoon Jin-Yi
  • A Pomeranian pooch as Barassi!! 
  • and more people! 

Ah, it's been months since I have seen a kdrama. I'm not an ultimate fan of kdramas; I'm just there for the story -- and the stunts. Anywho, this is my first foodie drama.

The drama is centered around divorcee, Lee Soo Kyung (portrayed by the lady herself as herself) , and her independent life-- Even though she lives alone, this argumentative woman loves food. However, after a neighbor has an accident with a live octopus, Soo Kyung must watch her back when she's living life alone. And did I mention that there is a mysterious man lurking in the dark alley just beyond the door? 

Nowadays, or at least up till a week ago, there was the arise of the "Nuna and Me" loves- from A Witch's Romance (haven't seen , gahh!!) to Can We Love? (review coming up!), I firmly believe that this drama started the whole trend idea. It was nice to have a strong, justified woman as our main protagonist- and within a lawyer firm, it's nice to see how lawyers interact with themselves and their clients. (Okay, so because this is a drama, I am sure that they cover a lawyer's life fairly well, but then again, please note that these are actors and actresses.)

The first 8 eps were life stories - of our main female. But, the suspenseful twists are found in the preview. That's how I stayed with the drama until its finale, which was quite a shocker.

There was no need for comic relief/ a forceful laugh as the comedy seemed cute and natural. Points to the writers :)

And let's end on a note of development. I loved Soo Kyung's character as she learns about having [better] friends, life, and love. *SPOILER?? Too bad her college-to-date lover never got her in the end. This is why the boss is always coolheaded!

This drama contains food porn. Watch when eating, unless you're dieting. DO NOT WATCH PAST MIDNIGHT. YOU WILL STARVE!!! 

It's perfectly sewn, but could've added more suspense per ep. It's a fun watching experience, so feel free to see Episode 1.

GRADE? 8.3/10
" I love Mr. ShikSha, not Dae Young! "