Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ramen Fighter Miki

12 Episodes-24 mins each
Genres. Comedy, Action, Food-ish
--based off the manga

As the name suggests, we got broken bowls for ramen, violent not bloody challenges, and a girl named Miki, who qualifies as The Red Riding Bitch. She does wear a red skirt with a white apron over it, as a matter of fact.

Onimaru Miki is a poster girl for her mother's Chinese restaurant, Onimaru Restaurant. Making deliveries and taking orders, this Itazura Na Kiss clone lives out repeating days of doing this ans that. With a short temper and a strong fighting spirit, Miki detours and fights her enemies. 

I don't eat a lot of ramen anymore , but when I see Missus (Miki' s middle-aged mother) cutting up noodles or cabbage, I just wanna make it!! We also learn that "good ramen makes her smile." It  has to be good, or even better, perfect.
If you can't  stand prissy, easily aggravated characters, then just watch the second half of this short series. I found that the second half was the better - there was more comedy, unthinkable situations, and maybe less fighting. 
Logic. It exists.

From the very beginning, Miki was angry already, so I was  about to drop the series, bout decided to see how the ending would turn out. Boy oh Boy, I was disappointed. It's am ending that I had to make a statement for it: "And so, their adventures continued." 
The  art is a mix of shoujo and shounen- take the white blond guy, for example.. Animation is sandpaper-smooth and rough at some places. I'm just gonna complain about the opening a bit; you know those songs where you hear a voice being overpowered by instruments? Sadly the song is like that until the chorus. OP and ED aren't bad.

Other viewers have said that this is the baby of Azumanga Daioh  and Dragonball  Z. Haven't seen those yet, but  they're on my waiting list. 
If you want character development, this wouldn't be what you're looking for. The only things that the characters  change about themselves is how often they smile, or having an ego when drunk. 

I guess the cast is  made for comedy, but does comedy make a character lack self-development? If you want the best of this series, start from Episode 4+. The anime received a 6/10  . Decent, with a unique story. 

"She's drunk! She's  clearly drunk!"