Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Castle Season Three

24 Eps

Ohmigod, that Finale!!! An insufferable loss. Ooh, it was a rickety bridge season - scary, adventurous, and worn down feelings... Beckett and Castle have their first heated argument! Ah, so many firsts and new clues to Joanna Beckett 's murder, as well.

Guest stars, Ashley/Ashlee... the third season has reeled in homicides due to financial and "S/he might spill the beans" intentions. Tragic deaths? Eh... I mean, it seems like the producers didn't feel like setting up a death scene. Personally, it looked like they used a lot of dummies or mannequins. But the deaths are pretty cool like a drowning Houdini magician to a script writer , killed like a show character.

Time continues to run quickly as the detective work ticks at time very slowly. I usually am bored through the middle, but it's the last five or eight minutes that I enjoy the most.

How is a mystery show to be discussed? I'm pretty sure that this show doesn't feature tense moments (and apparently, deceasions) like The Good Wife. But, Castle seems to care about Beckett a little bit more and Alexis and Ashlee are going to Stanford? What will Papa Castle feel?

Is Ashlee cute?
Just glad that Alexis found someone like him. 
Speaking of Castle, there's a new debut author, Alex Conrad. And he admires Beckett ... or is it Detective Heat?

Those are muffins.

Grade: 8.8/10 
The Finale, the Finale, the Finale. 
Can't believe it.