Friday, December 12, 2014

Friends Season Three

25 Episodes
Aired: 1996 NBC

Scattered Sequence (you can watch the season in any order because there's not much story going on - just one detail: New Bf / gf)

>>Joey has a love-hate relationship with another actress? Ross becomes jealous of Rachel's co-worker at her new job at Bloomingdale 's. Monica might be marrying a millionaire businessman. <<

Aw... this season soiled the fun! (Maybe I should have said sanded) Now everyone's trying to be funny? Or is this the Time of the Sensitive Clowns? I bulldozed through the series, but I only enjoyed a small group

FAVORITE Episodes:: (j'adore ou c'est drĂ´le) 

7, 9, 13, 18, 20 

The show has a nice foundation of voiceovers (watch some cracks, people!) Yet, I have only a couple pet peeves, up to this season, so far. One of the items is "Relationships - Somewhat Realistic?" I mean, Monica has met like, 5 men (of which, three are in this season alone!)
Ross is always getting new girlfriends, yet Rachel is hanging on like a barrel monkey. I did feel that Ross wants a girlfriend because of two reasons:
  A) IN season one, he tells us that he's had a crush on Rachel since high school, who would also be at "two" weddings (I grew up knowing how the show ends) .
 B) He's a professor who's almost 30. Teaching and single (like Ezra
    >>  Mr. Fitz until he met Aria at the bar) . I may as well say that : he's lonely for more than 10 years, excluding his friends and sister

Sorry, Gellers, but I can't accept the ridiculous cycle of new girlfriends  men. At least Chandler had his ex and Rachel... has a plan to exterminate all those newbies! Tsk, tsk.

The season (and considerably, the show) does not really unite the friends, nor strengthening their friendship. It may as well be a milk carton. These boys and  girls haven't fought for anything as rivals, yet. Hmm... who will break out into rivalry, first? The men or the ladies? Les hommes ou les femmes?

Joey seems to have improved a hop in his acting. His facial expressions are overdone, but Matt LeBlanc is in Joey's shoes, no, as Phoebe has put it : "Her spirit is in me."

Grade ~ 7.4/10 
 - American football!
 -New girlfriends for Ross and a Millionaire for Monica
 -A chick and duck for Chandler and Joey !
 -Jealousy for Rachel