Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Castle Season Two

Police - Crime - Romance-ish (more  SEASON One!) 
24 Episodes

IN case you can't tell,
Left:: Castle and Beckett 's femme fetale

Ah! It's here. Castle and Beckett are back in my life. This season is better than the premiere: it's addicting, features steamy-kisser Castle, and more Alexis!!

This is where it all should have started. Beckett is starting to slightly  envy a mix of women from an actress to an FBI mom! But at least she's not a bitch anymore :) Her hair, makeup, and even her DRESSES are improved, and her observational skills have become sharper.
  On the other hand, Castle launched his Nikki Heat series. And he's laughing more - in an evil way.

The cases are truly a bad dream come alive. Cleverer and set-up for even better motives than the cliche girl fights, fear, and fear of exposure.

Oh, no, dearie. It is so much better than that. A callgirl in caramel, a poisoned comedian, a Nikki-Heat superfan serial killer.

Besides solving these bizarrely awesome murders, family is company. The audience gains a closer look into the life of an academically active senior Alexis, his mother... dressing up, dating a high school crush, and her acting/stage career, and finally, Castle concerning over boys around Alexis.

Speaking of Alexis, it seems that fate is not the reason of Castle 's daddy discussions with Alexis that is always the reason of solving a case. In short, if Castle is stuck on a case, talk with Alexis about her life.. brilliant! Hmm.. so someone cleaned up another's murder? I wonder.
Smiling in an interrogation by Beckett?
Huh, she won't let you past this one. 

And finally, the worst news. Humour isn't around a lot. Puns ARE intended. Comedy is conducted by Castle and his boys, Esposito and Ryan .
And did I mention that Castle and Beckett envy over exes and current statuses? Well, the jealousy is just for show, hopefully. I mean, it's gotta be too early for the two to be together! 

Grade: 8.5/10 
-in Episode 11, Beckett violated Amendment Four, right? If so,