Monday, May 11, 2015

Community Season Five

13 Episodes
Somewhat Comedic

Monday, Monday!
The typical day of shamelessness for many young students. It's hard to believe that every month has only two to four Mondays. Anyway, May is Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage month, so I am trying to finish watching a Japanese drama series , as well as the fantasy anime, Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). 

Everyone who's seen Community from the pilot has shunned Seasons Two and Three. Well, good news now! Dan Harmon is back on the board and has aired the first half of the (perhaps) final sixth season. Having finished Season Five, I'm almost there and I can be proud for the study group - Annie's got her vocabulary and sass back! 

Subway returns (not that brainwashed romantic). Rachel returns, only to her dismay. And finally, two people are leaving the study group?? 

Community has been roller-coastering its comedy content and Five isn't the apex. With a decent amount of satire and scattered pop culture references, the season picks up its story. Bonus, if you did happen to enjoy the third and fourth season, the storylines are mentioned generously. 

Has anyone been DYING for a developing character? Jeff has grabbed my attention this season... as a person. So, he's the leader and has a big ego. Now, as a thirtysome, he knows what to do with his life now. Sounds great, huh? I don't know which friends are more difficult to recede from: high school or college. I've heard many folks answer , "college." Jeff faces such struggles which inspires me to think about my friends and even thinking of ways to stay connected, at least. Makes me wonder , Jeff:: why can't your group communicate? I know that that's not the main focus, but why not? 

Not a whole lot of laughs , but the storylines are the series' best , thus far. 

Grade:: 8.3