Friday, May 22, 2015

Family Guy:: Season 2

21 Episodes
Aired: 1999 FOX

Can I say something? Full. Length. Songs. Ah, I absolutely love Family Guy's ability to pin a vast variety of musical styles. Who doesn't enjoy the theme song?

The presence of original music is just like Peter Griffin in this season. It's new- Mr. Griffin displays new personas as he seeks out personal freedom, faces isolation, and learns to appreciate his children. 

Featuring several heart-warming scenarios about family , I suppose that I face happiness and loneliness when I'm alone. Peter hasn't ignored his friends yet, but he has used them as his source for envy and all the more reason, buying items merely to keep up with his friends. This is why i don't gape at attention-grabbers. Nor do I seek out attention. Peter seeks out attention a whole lot (even in Season One). Because of this, he faces distance from his family, even as a (future) president of Petoria. 

Calvin Klein and his adorable diaper model 
Finally, I rank Family Guy below South Park for humour. Family Guy early seasons should be the standards for today's cartoons. References have been in cartoon series since the 90s and may have stirred up some controversy. Season Two takes The Breakfast Club and others to a whole literal level. 

Apparently, fans are debating over The Simpsons and Family Guy's wimpy content. I may be far from the middle of Family Guy, but I truly do not want to leave Family Guy. ((I watch for Stewie, the baby)) Entertainment Weekly rated Stewie as a fictional baby who's not as great as Baby Simpson. Yeah, I forgot her name... 

Grade: 8.3