Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Arrested Development : Season One

22 eps
Family | Comedy

A man of a wealthy family finds himself taking charge of his dysfunctional family after their father is arrested. Along the way, he learns to not only care for his family, but his own son. 

Named one of the funniest shows on many lists, I'm betting that this is not due to the opening season. With zany characters and the troubling repetitive storyline of Disney channel's "this is what happens when you are being bold and risking... something" scenarios.

This season travels on a very turbulent road of humor. Not recommended to kill time - I mean, I did waste time binging on Arrested Development, but it seems to have evaded my expectations. 

If you thought that adults live harsh lifestyles, it's mentally strenuous from romance and other complex emotions. As for the teenage sons and daughters (and adopted kid!) , these children are only facing a Level Two adult life. From George Michael's questionable feelings for his cousin to Anhyong's threats to newly older brother, Buster, I love watching these kids. They've become the sole reason that I'm watching Arrested Development. All are just so adorable. 

In short, same conflict per set of episodes and the comedy is very unstable. 

Speaking of unstable, depression, boredom, and schizophrenia come and go . At least in my case. It's peculiar that one day, you want to go up to a stranger and give them your number to daydreaming about murder, only to realize that kitchen knives are not going to pierce into the flesh so brutesquely. 
Anywho, I got an opportunity to watch Asian dramas again, so I'm feeling quite accomplished. 
Amy Poehler harmonizes musically!
Grade: 6.2
We are currently anticipating a *way* better season