Sunday, May 17, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 1 ~

10 Episodes - 55- 60 minutes each
Fantasy | Adventure

Learn why everyone hates Joffrey, witness numerous beheadings, and feast your eyes on boobs. Let's get to it --

For starters, this scandalous with nude shots begins with a series, George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice. Set to end with its seventh and final installment in 2020s, I am currently waiting for my ebook that is first on a wait list. I did grab a physical copy, but found that my hands, no my palm, strained after reading the first forty pages. Even though I am a musician, this should be ironic or hilarious in a way. I was able to sample the first volume and I am, for once, grateful for alternating perspectives.
Buy, Borrow, or Cheat the System, if you are going to be that extreme.
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I can't wait to finish reading the first volume. How about the first HBO season? Ah, I love the cast, but the characters... everyone has struggled to find someone to stay loyal to, as a viewer. I faced this struggle, as well.
Joffrey Lannister - Malfoy equivalent? 
Aside from adult actors, there are several children of the Seven Kingdoms. Adorable (and later on became pretty pubescent) , these kids really inspire. From Sansa pleading affection to Bran accidentally witnessing an affair, I'd say they are the most realistic characters in the show. Okay, scratch that, everyone is relatable.

The series hasn't promised a high production value (that's what exclusive channels seem to promise, no?) Yet, the layering storylines and underlying plots in each episode promises such an eventful day that you must try to fulfill that curiosity inside you. It's not necessary , but this also determines if you are going to continue the episode or move on. I didn't do this yet but promise me this:: don't you dare read the episode synopsis beforehand, nor read the Wikia before delving into the series. 

There are several internet animal-community worthy creatures like the rapid-growing Direwolf. And finally, something to complain about: random twist of magic and MAIN. CHARACTER. DEATH(s). I was surprised that I didn't shed any tears during the beheadings. Actually, I just cupped my mouth and stared.

There are somewhat frightening scenes and nudes. In addition, there is a theme song and opening animation!

Grade: 7.8