Monday, June 8, 2015

Community : Six Seasons Done!

The past few weeks marked the days after my eighth grade year. In a few more months, this little fish is going to high school as a freshman. It's too bad I'm not so hyped like I should be. Why become so hectic after weeks of reading, writing, working, etc? I'm not a control freak, so I believe that I'm gonna stand firmly on my emotions and just go with the flow . 

**Shout outs to incoming freshmen of high schools and university levels! 

Has it tempted me to attend a few years at a community college? I hope to take on that challenge someday. 

From Day One, Community has promoted the hashtag, #SixSeasonsandaMovie . It is a great accomplishment when anybody reaches their goals, but bonus points for long-term mindsets. 

13 Episodes
Produced and Re-Aired by Yahoo! 

27-40 minutes each

Shirley, Pierce, and Troy have left the nest , but the fun doesn't stop until the arrival of CFO, Frankie, who has banned alcohol, among a listful of items, on campus. 

This season definitely forced the remaining group members to stick to similar beliefs and this proves to be beneficial for everyone's previous persona. Annie values her friends and sticks up for Chang, Britta and Subway or whatever his new salesman name is, and Abed finds himself working for the dark side (Frankie).

Originally, the comedians were Dean Palton and the gang, but minor characters, like Garrett and Leonard, get a bit more talking time. Garrett and his incestuous wedding ((blushing inside))...

Aside from the sudden appreciation of each other, Abed seems to have his spotlight this season. From several montages to being willing to be Arnold Benedict for Frankie. Unfortunate ly, everyone has seemed to easily persuade him. Hmm, people change, right?

It may be the final season, so take in the goodness that Yahoo! returns to the small screen. 
The Finale kind of makes me regret watching the series. Abed, your Season Seven pitch of the characters' personalities makes everybody on the show more cliche than they were before!! But, he does bring up a point...

Grade: 7.7-8.2 

I'll close with my opinion of six seasons. I think it's enough. The originality and joy of the show has diminished and I fear that the show would lose everything that it has worked up all of its viewers. A movie? I want to allude the  "Veronica Mars Movie" into this, but I haven't seen anything..