Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Modern Farmer

20 Episodes
Comedy | Life 
2014 SBS
Hardcore Dramatic Acting , beware 

A million-dollar debt leads Min Ki to drag his bandmates of Excellent Souls into rural living. If you degrade the country life, this drama is definitely going to transform your thoughts. 

Who's tired of duplicated kdramas? Raising. Arm. 

We are all in luck as Modern Farmer is hilariously crafted into a very realistic depiction of the hardships of life. That being said, the catch of the series is that "Life is like growing cabbages." 
  From first love to financial woes to thievery, the four young men appeals to a vastly age audience. The storyline incorporates the queer business of growing cabbages which could represent the questions that stirs much confusion about life. Why must we live in one manner? Is etiquette an option for everyone? To answer, I will stand on former Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, and his quote, "What we call 'public opinion' is generally public sentiment." The world is run by intellectuals that has a kingdom of millions of average folks. Is it harsh enough that humans are becoming more selective than nature? Under what circumstances will humans depend upon an innovative plan of, I don't know, positive anarchy or a place of greater power of the people? 

Wow, I have never asked myself so many things. I guess I am becoming more philosophical by the days! How many optimistic people do you know? Modern Farmer presents to you the dominion of insistent , stubborn civilians over despairing, panicked men. What's funny is that Min Ki and his friends are all optimists and is a rare group of cooperative men. Even if there is a an argument, their lives are in good-hearted men. They're all romantics... Well, except for Ki Joon , who has a severe case of denying a romantic  relationship. A girl can forgive her boy crush if he gives her and another male acquaintance a mask of noodles, right? Aigoo, Ki Joon.. you have taken imagination to a high level of "Ohigod, I just did that." Crazy avatars -- shrug--

Family affairs tie in and may provide a scenario for single parents and the fact that their son or daughter may not know their mother or father. I'm not a huge fan of staying true to the clan, but aish! these family matters make me teary-eyed. HOW DARE YOU LET GRANDPA'S CHOCOLATE BAR FALL TO THE GROUND!!!

She's the mom from either My Love From the Star or
that crossdressing musical series ft. Park Shin Hye 
A reunion of familiar actors, actresses, such as former Miss Korea, Honey Lee. ((She insults herself, haha, it's funny for her tough woman character). Cackling skits and misunderstandings.. finally, a comedy that is comedy!

7.4 - 8.4
The ending ... 
Did not see the failure of a musical debut.. pitied , once again