Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Younger - Season One

12 Episodes
20 Mins Each!
Romance, Comedy
**TVLand has released news about Season 2 ~~

"Isn't life just one big confidence game?"

Modern tales of long-term fake identities and disguises already appeal to an audience ...

Liza Miller is a divorced single mother who's ready to get back to working in the literature world. Entering a world of social media 20somethings, this 40-year-old decides to play as a tall, 26-year-old, under the advice of her friend. 

Sutton Foster, who portrays Liza, is 40 IRL. So, this must have been great times for someone who could actually live out this life. It's like an experiment that's filmed. Abed would be proud for this 'mocukmentary.'

Foster is a lovely lady with height and kind, almond eyes. Her character has a hipster-in-NY wardrobe, as well as the occasional date-night dresses because she's got friends who keep setting her up with other divorcees. Anyway, this Dartmouth woman has a quick tongue and uses her recent going-ons-in-life to pull off plausible excuses. One reason to have a daughter studying abroad...

Taking the phrase "a 20-year-old in a 40-year-old body" to reality, Liza adapts to tweeting, Craigslist, and shots! shots! shots! Speaking of, everyone knows that bars are a social frenzy. In the pilot, Liza and her oldest lesbian friend, Maggie, go to a bar after the 40-year-old identity fails to find a job in a day. There, His Royal Cuteness laughs at her shoe-waving tactic to get the bartender's attention.
Relationships with such a vast age difference is known to be a turnoff, but these two look so ahdorable together.

Charismatic characters with an abundance of wit and the crazy questionable things we do for attention (#ToplessTuesday ??) , this show is entertaining every rolling second. 
Also included: the intimate, match-in-heaven couple of Liza and Josh  (JIZA)

Another power couple? The affair of an editor (played by Hilary Duff!) and Swedish author guy...

Goodness, foreigners sure love making great use of any time they've got.

The series is based off the book, "Younger" by Pamela Redmond Satran
I read a sample and the show nails Liza's personality from the book and if she were a real person..

grade: 7.4
The finale leaves all of us viewers content with what we saw in Season One. 
And that leaves us being not so greedy for Season Two.