Thursday, June 4, 2015

Master's Sun

17 Episodes
One hour, four minutes duration 
Romance ((PICK YOUR SHIP--s--)) | Comedy | Horror
2013 SBS

 Oh my, what a great love story. Well, for once, I actually *love* all the characters of a kdrama. Finally - it's been on my Asian Drama Scavenger Hunt for some time-- lol ^^

Tae Gong Sil had an accident three years ago and, awakes from a coma, to find herself with the ability to see ghosts . While this sounds like an amazing ability, Gong Sil is like a cat and finds her "shelter" in the arms of (heartless) and money-obsessed  Kingdom Mall CEO , Joo Joong Won. 

This is a Hong Sisters production and received awards for script, acting, and best storyline , somewhere along those lines. The messages that each line delivers has inspired me to consider pursuing a small repertoire of rough scripts. It's a dream to direct -- maybe if I start working soon, I'll post the script as a weekly series. . . Hmm 

The script grows into the work of two lovers and makes you eager to see ghosts or find a great relationship in a Mr. CEO of today's world. 
The characters are quite personally insecure about their pasts and the camera work runs each episode like a movie. 
A teary movie about life 

Gong Sil may seem enormously afraid of ghosts and all, but she is definitely a feminist figure with a wise mouth and persistent personality. 
She doesn't push around to get what she wants (she doesn't have many desires - shrug -) , but she doesn't stand around, flirting with everyone like many kdrama clones. 
Do you believe in hope? I pronounce Gong Sil as a living beacon. 
A three-year coma, being able to have [an envious] love life with handsome men, and seeing ghosts. 
Bravo, bravo

 Alongside from romance, there's MILD horror and heaps of laughs... and twins - the Alison DiLaurentis kind .

Firstly, horror. Has something ever been waved in your face, at an unsuspecting time, that you yelped or reacted horribly? If you're brave, watch the first episode and watch how you react to the ghosts that Gong Sil sees. Did you enjoy the thrill of chills or no?

Mr. CEO 's hand gestures provide some entertainment and guess who's the jester here? Leading lady !!

Who doubts the love between a wealthy businessman and a woman from off the streets? Mr. CEO has a job for Gong Sil and it's not to be a lover. His flashbacks to his teenage self remind him to retrieve his dead mum's necklace that's worth 10 billion Won.. and his first love has to know where it is, but there's a twist that may fire the CEO 's Secretary Kim.

Grade: 8.4 
  A watch-if-you-can suggestion for all kdrama and Asian Drama
  A lovely OST of kpop love songs and simple dynamic piano suspense...
L (Myungsoo from Kpop group, Infinite) is young Mr. CEO