Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dragon Crisis

**Contains Ecchi content (that's why it's classified as "Mature")
12 Episodes
Fantasy Romance

☆Meet Kisaragi Ryuuji, a Level 10 breaker, who just might be the first human to be in a relationship with dragons. Well, for a start, he already knew one-from years ago.

Somehow, this is the first show that comes to mind when it comes to recommendations for friends. And when they  have finished watching, most of them just loved it. However, I wonder how much I actually enjoyed the Anime. I mean, the Red Dragon, Rose (blonde in pic above), is mainly clingy to Ryuuji.. oddly, she's not a pest in most of the episodes.
 (If you're a kid Dragon, be careful who you want to "grow up" as-
Episode 11)

I learned that caring guys will [always] be like the harem protagonists. (Harem: many lovers of one person; I'd consider at least four lovers to be a harem)
Ryuuji denies that he is this kind of boy, but it's totally false ; mentioning "harem animes" (the term, not anime examples) adds a sense of humor- who doesn't love Honourable Mentions? 

Another cliche// the childhood friend, who's a classmate and a lover. Yeah, there's only one girl like this, except she's shy and has a devious friend who's basically forcing her into 'the love life of her dreams.' Aw, poor girl . 

Overall, it was a magical watching experience, but I'm bothered by the use of the same clip when Ryuuji and Rose "Engage" (combine their powers - maybe that's what makes Ryuuji stand out a bit-- he got the power!) A note- Rose was born in Albania, as an egg , and she transferred overseas to America. I'm not sure if that's where the blonde hair comes from, but just so you know, right? 

The opening song has a fiery rhythm of sixteenth notes and... 
Some English lines!! 
Did they overload on new characters? Well, they all fit into the same puzzle which led me to deny that Ryuuji has power, but he has so much time to meet new girls, who might fall for him, too. 

Stop touching her Fluffy! 

Grade: 7.6/10 
"I hate frogs the most in the world!" 
-Ryuuji to Somebody who gave him a book for his birthday 

An enjoyable watch -
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