Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Slam Dunk

101 Eps ((ACHIEVEMENT :: First 100+ ep series)) 
Comedy, Sports , High School

After he was rejected by 50 consecutive girls , Hanamichi Sakuragi sets his eyes on Haruko, but to impress her, he must love what she loves -basketball.
Nope. It's following the journey of a freshman basketball rookie.

The romance addition adds a little more gleam to the "basically, it's basketball" plot. Unfortunately, the romance is one-sided ( and not fulfilled ) - expressed only by Sakuragi blushing at the sight of her. If you wanted to read for the finance, turn around and watch the tdrama, Bull Fighting, (Mike He, anyone?)  which I started earlier this week.
--Romace is strictly not a main focus.
The manga and anime give off the impression that it was meant to be educational, yet (sonewhat maturely) enjoyable. Please be aware that Sakuragi has his own quartet gang!!
Dr. It's little lectures honors its mangaka , who has seen and or played basketball.
The watching experience includes a laugh in almost every episode  . (There's a whole episode dedicated to an all-out fight ) . The series (both medias) ended with a basketball game -which, to me, means Y U MAKE NO LONGER??

A friend always points or the fact that every game is dramatic - mostly because of the slo-mos. But who says " no " to sparkling ... balls? Or Sakuragi's crazy Naruto cloning defense?? 

Finally, the characters are unbelievably easy to draw. Mr. T demonstrates that you don't need to be superbly talented to tell a story. Just do it ! 
I attempted to draw Rukawa, the one who sleeps..   a lot. 

Grade!! 7.7-8.2/10 
Deductions Due to...
-the ending 
-for the first time, the romance wasn't even a decent exposure 
-some random spotlights of anybody