Saturday, October 25, 2014

Geijutsuka Art Design Class (GA)

13 Episodes
Genres: Comedy, Education

Join Yamaguchi Kisaragi (the acutely clumsy girl with oversized glasses) and her classmate friends as they have fun with art and learn concepts, like style.

The characters are designed as different thinkers. They have their own personalities, yet they all seem to weave interchangeably into one seemingly improvisational cast. The silliness really makes every day seem funnier than it should be! Well, I mean, now, I wish I was at the Art School than being locked up in a daycare for sept heures et demie! (If it's supposed to be -et un(e, non?) demie- , I apologize on my behalf) 
Honestly, I was hoping that the characters' lines would reflect or poke their personalities.. it's funny if it's accidental, right? 

There aren't jokes that are there to trigger laughter.. Well, maybe a few, but not throughout the Series. It's the actions that lead to the zany gaffy tactics that gets your throat caught up in the tight swelling of giggling. These actions are always relevant to the episode ; seldomly random, they are. The comedies that I've seen thus far have jokes that are guffaw gackers , but they're random. And they're usually reactions to simple actions , like
Cooking, braiding hair, or at the sight of... mangas, let's say. 

Not much to say means... it's great for an afternoon or just for the boring hours. It goes well with a strawberry parfait or something.  (^-^)v
The characters - students, teachers, and those whom are interacted with- make memorable little senseis! <З

I hope to watch another anime with the same art style - it seems I've taken a liking to it. 
Grade: 7 (=^ェ^=) 7/10