Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season Four

24 Episodes
Mystery Teen Drama

This season picks up the story from the fire at the lodge of Season Three. The Liars seem to know most  of their own secrets and are uncovering the secrets of... lovers, Alison DiLaurentis, and their own families. Will "A" finally be unraveled? (Answer: no... The show 's renewed for a seventh season) 

Oh, my ~ every episode reveals a new clue or just.. something new! The "A" clips at the end of episodes isn't as intriguing as the First Season. Just to say to those who, like me, usually tune in for A's spotlight.
But, it seems like one man will be on your suspect list: he's not on mine, cuz it just doesn't fit perfectly with A's motive. Ezra Fitz - is he a victim, too? Or is he working with A? If you love Ezra or fangirl him whatever.. beware, you might be afraid of him this time. I'm feeling so sympathetic for him ... a lot , now.

Relationships- heh, well ~ pretty much all the Liars are falling apart in their love lives. But at least they're not hit by A about their relationships. "A" hasn't been sending texts much, lately. Why so quiet, I wonder? 

All the girls are meeting new guys (Emily… nope, still managing with Paige..) I mean, you are gonna miss this guy: Dean , a _____ counselor. I don't care if he never got to love his Client, but he needs to be my bestie, like, NOW!!
Apparently, the guy's on The Vampire Diaires, which I have neither read nor watched.
Beautiful that I couldn't take a click of him <З
I'll end with some remarks 'bout the Season Finale. ALI . TELLS. ALL. The ending ... is a little catfight between ____ & ____. We still don't know who A is. My guess (I don't have theories,just clues and 'clues') 

I was so happy that I finished this season, but I thought they only aired 5 eps already. Boy was I wrong- 12 eps are out as of last Tuesday.
Grade: 8/10- because, why not? :))