Thursday, November 27, 2014


12 Episodes , plus 3 OVAS 
It began with a Mushi-shi feel, but dragged out the conversations. There's only one .. wise guy with spirits.

An ex-vampire high school boy collides with girls of fascinating issues, like being weightless or not being able to find her way home.

The animation style is of one that I haven't seen before....
The animation style is of one that I haven't seen before: slideshows, quick flashes of pictures and words, several vids put together. You're gonna be desperately scanning the words for the blinking word slides!

I couldn't like the main boy at all :: he's not handsomely perverted, but he seems to confront problematic chicks by relating... kind of. Intimacy is between him and the girl who fell into his arms. At least they stayed a couple.

Everyone is so dependent on spirit shaman , Oshino. He's like Ginko from Mushi-shi  and he's not being spotlighted!! :(    It's obvious he doesn't mind helping his friend, but can't he at least try to tease us all and VAMP UP THE NAKED TENSION??

I enjoyed the first seven or eight episodes, then I got lost and weary. Gah, it was so beige! I still don't understand how this show was a favorite of many fans.... 

Couldn't love the cast nor the voice actors (they sound so old and... monotonous) and I couldn't enjoy it all the way. The Tsubasa Cat arc scratched my eyes out xx

Grade: 5.7/ 10 

The Vampire Diaries Season One post is coming soon !!
Happy Thanksgiving ~ 
Having a potluck dinner with my grandparents // ce soir //
J'apporte(r) une gateau au pommes et an Apple crumble!! 
(The chicken's not for me ; pesco, baby!)