Friday, November 28, 2014

The Vampire Diaries !! Season One

It's finally off my watchlist!! The Vampire Diaries was an astounding dark story for the week ~ 

So you haven't seen it? Start planning and make this one of the teen dramas you should watch.

22 Episodes 
Supernatural  Romance with a Town's Historical Backdrop

Elena Gilbert's relationship with new boy, Stefan Salvatore, may be more than fate.... rather, a past that involves his past love who looks just like her and the small town of Mystic Falls is out to eradicate Them. 

Vampires are back!! It's stolen some Twilight franchise ideas, but the suspense is up to height with Grimm (I mean, Grimm has some tense relations) .  The series' first season began with an ickishly interesting high school girl and suddenly BABAM! Episode 7 or 10, the climax has definitely upped ratings and turned the tables!

Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert - lookalikes, possibly ancestral relatives. Ohhh no. Elena may not have matured much as a person, but she's holding onto hope and love all the time. And she hasn't been sacrificed yet!! (As in a person-for-person exchange)

I loved the characters, but being in a small town that brings in a lot of strangers for Founder's Day, they all have a connection to each other. The mayor takes action against the ancient returnees , even though -!!- he is of a supernatural genity himself ..... Stefan Salvatore (so bothered by that last name) is a bore, but I'm laughing at his brother's script. Damon Salvatore, I'd happily offer myself to you!!

[Damon seems to look older in some episodes and suddenly regains his youth... Well, that's just me sayin' that]

The episodes have everyday conversation (barely any vocab words, guys) , yet because of the deaths every other episode, you can't help but cry for lost characters ((or in the worst case, the pasts)). I cried for three episodes straight!!

The Finale adds a couple of questions about Mystic Falls and its rich, historic past.

Last note: the books. It was the first book that I was just.. addicted to. (Finished The Awakening and The Struggle in an hour and a half!) It lacks vocabulary and presents the diaries and viewpoints of blond, popular Elena and Stefan. Elena's a bitch and Stefan is incognito as a person. Everyone hates Damon .. sob sob!
 **The TV series is preferred by me over the books.

Grade: 7.8- 8.3 /10 
It's an Addicting Season :: I rewatched the Finale thrice and do not, I repeat, DO NOT look up any characters ... you will be ruined by spoilers!! Don't spoil this show -- it piles up so many feelings , emptiness, and deaths