Saturday, November 29, 2014

Breaking Bad Season One

7 Episodes 
Genre: Realism

Walter White , a high school chemistry teacher, learns that he has a critical case of terminal cancer. He becomes inspired by the wealth that the drug industry reels in, so he produces the world's purest crystal methamphetamine with a business partner,  a high school dropout, Jesse Pinkman. 

I could've written this a month ago because at the time, I really couldn't find words to describe just this season. Well, now I do. Let's just get it out there ~~

Firstly, let me warn you this ::::::::::


 You could finish this season in six hours. Is that what AMC is doing with most of its series? I think The Walking Dead's first season had 7 eps, too.. maybe it's for budget management or audience preference research. 

So.. how'd this go? I admire some scenes - the angles or the setup. The meth manufacturing is cool and , for safety reasons and possibly humanity, the producers have faked a recipe. Neat-o. 
  Walter White has a dysfunctional family and his own conflict:: keeping his drug business away from his disabled son and (NOM) pesky , yet truthful wife. I love how he has problems - it makes him a symbol of hope and strength. 

But this old man ends up etching a new side of himself. He's used science to toxicate , but then he's forcing himself to abuse a dealer in a basement, et cetera. 

I enjoyed the secrecy. Jesse's heavy-hearted "Bey-otch!" voice message. Walter White and his lectures about plastic and acid (oh yes, Jesse. Never put acid in a tub . Tsk, tsk) 

I wasn't really surprised during  the Finale -  rather, I felt null.. insolent .
Buildup is fairly slow, but you will notice the personality shifts.

Grade: 7.6/ 10 
Good for Fridays or Weekends 
Caution: You may have a dry nose for the week -- sadly, it feels so real ...