Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)

Genres: Comedy, Sports, Romance
Starring: Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, Toma Ikuta  
12 Episodes
2007 FujiTV

Ashiya Mizuki flies from America to Osaka Gakuen to make her idolized star high-jumper jump again. But, Osaka Gakuen it's an all-boys school! Incognito as a male, Mizuki is an in an unbeknownst love triangle.

So, I've seen the Korean adaptation, To The Beautiful You, and I've read the manga, a gem that lacked its ending, but the characters brought in more surprises. There are five adaptations: Taiwanese, 2007 Japanese, 2011 Japanese remake, Thai?, and the Korean drama. Today, I have finished the 2007 Japanese drama of 2007.

  The adaptation has won numerous (acting) awards.Honestly, I can't agree with the judging entirely because : First of all, it's a jdrama with some romance. The perfection of no interruptions splits the line between Asian and American dramas, in my opinion. The lack of arguing makes the Asian dramas either more tense and questions further development of the story or pushes the show as a gentle cast of characters. And secondly, is it just me or Japanese main female leads are usually.. hesitant ? In Hana Yori Dango, Tsukushi stutters when she talks to Rui (Second Male Lead!) because of her supposedly developing feelings for him - in the end, these feelings just didn't add up. :'( Maybe I should have said that characters in Romances are frequently hesitant. Better check with kdramas among others.

  Let me tell you, this version focuses mostly on comedy and sports. I know, right? It's a girl who idolizes a guy! (I'd rather say, "a person") Yes, but unlike Jae-In (To The Beautiful You), Mizuki actually motivates her idol often, and Jae-In , well, as rumours put it, has turned straight guys gay or homo.. You want more laughs? The 2007 Japanese Hana Kimi is recommended.
It's Mr. Wonka's hair!!

  And another thing that makes this hands-up better? There. Are. Kissing. Males. Multiply those kisses by a quantity of around six. Are these accidental? Or for reals? If you're anticipating a Mizuki x Sano kissu, there's only one and that's in the finale! Sob. Sano, I thought you were better than this!!
Mizuki's character isn't as clueless as shown in the manga. She forgets that she's a girl at times, but who can when she's surrounded by ikemens?? What I loved was that her identity was seen, or known, by four people, whereas in To The Beautiful You, the boys found out about her disguise after she goes unconscious.
**Sorry for the couple of comparisons between the 2007 jdrama and the 2012 kdrama
Grade: 8-8.3 /10 
Recommended and Loved by many
-Mizuki:: Not as Clueless as you Thought!-