Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season Two

22 Episodes
Supernatural  romance 

Katherine Petrova enters the scene , wanting a moonstone while on the run from an Original, powerful hybrid , Klaus, who has plans for breaking the Curse of the Sun and Moon. 

Elena (us, too!)  finally meets Katherine . Damon cares for Elena .
 New vampires - friends!  More werewolves - trouble's brewing in town.

    Ohmigod, I binge-watched the show... All in a day! (Aka TOday) Guilty for binge-watching this show again. No one in the house cares anymore because for three consecutive nights , after a 20-minute shower, I'm snuggled on the edge of my bed, watching this.. TILL 1 AM! (ALSO KNOWN AS... NOW!) My folks snoozed at synchronized times for the past nights. Why?!

In this Season, there's a lot of bargaining - people and objects. But it's not fangtastic if there's not blood, right? Episode 8 is the goriest episode which spotlights Elijah Mikaelson, an Original with a nice 'do. (Said Damon)

Elena is aware of the existence of supernaturals in little Mystic Falls . She's unraveling some surprising secrets about her birth and...
Just like the book's blonde It girl, SHE'S A TOUGH NUT TO DAMON ! I already have a feeling that Second Lead syndrome will truely be testing Elena's love . Stefan hasn't changed much, but he may turn off his humanity for the next season after the arrival of the Original brothers, Elijah and Klaus, who are older , British, wittier, and so much more powerful.

The story's focused on bargains and family secrets . There's just kills and newly turned vamps (or wolves). The Originals .. can't wait to watch the spin-off XD

THE Finale honors the death(s) of a few loved ones. But, it's the background narration that has taught me that death is unpredictable for loved ones. John Gilbert narrates - the content is heart-wrenching, if you've got a family or very supportive friends and folks. 

Grade:: 7.4 /10
Lacks tense atmospheres --

>>Suggested Watching Sequence<<
1-7 , (8 for the blood), 9-11, 13, 17- End